The Fashion Guide to Series 5 (1967–8)

Page 6

Blue catsuit

She wears a blue catsuit with white laces up the front, white boots, and a large circular metal buckle on belt.

Worn in:

Blue woollen dress

Mrs. Peel is trapped in Lola’s body, and trapped in Lola’s blue woollen dress with brooch.

Black fur coat and dark olive minidress

She wears a black coat with a dark olive minidress and silvery purple flat shoes. The coat is of velvet or a fur. The dress and coat are exceedingly short, almost micro length

Forest green jacket and skirt

She wears a forest green dress in spiral velour with a high collar, no waist, and 3 buttons on the cuff, the skirt of mini length.

Worn in:

Black coat and burgundy dress

She wears a black coat with a burgundy dress and silver shoes. The coat is of velvet or a similarly textured material. The jacket is later removed, revealing the burgundy dress.

Collared green catsuit with white trim

She wears a collared green catsuit with white trim on the collar, zip, piping, and some shoulder holster patches. It’s matched with white calf boots and a wristwatch with a wide white leather strap.

White silk dress

She wears a white silk embroidered minidress with a silver concentric circles motif.

Worn in:

Red wool coat with wide maroon belt.

Emma wears a red woollen coarse-woven coat worn over a pink sleeveless dress (similarly cut to her other pink sleeveless dress but in jersey, and with a false belt instead of chevron waist), accessorised with gold and pink shoes (near right). The skirt of the jacket, both front and back, has a diagonal plaid, in contrast with the vertical plaid of the upper section.

Tan and beige belted minidress

A fairly plain style, the shoulders and belt being a wheaty beige and the square-cut dress with flat pockets and single vent or pleat in the back of the skirt. To tell you the truth, I can’t decide if this is a dress or a coat over some other clothes. Worn with white stockings.

Orange jacket & skirt.

She wears an orange jacket and scarf very similar in cut to the yellow outfit worn in the opening of The Superlative Seven, the middle of Something Nasty in the Nursery and the end of The Forget-Me-Knot - notice the triangular button hole, and the diagonal ribs going away from it to the pockets and the hem.

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