The Fashion Guide to Series 3 (1963–4)

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Taffeta dress

She wears a pale dress in taffeta or chiffon with her gold vest. The sleeves are gathered into long, tight cuffs, the breast appears to be pleated or ribbed.

Worn in:

Hooded coat

Blink and you miss it! Cathy fleetingly wears a hooded coat on the way home from the restaurant. Of pale cloth, the hood is lined with black wool or fur.

Worn in:

Chef’s outfit

Steed goes undercover, posing as the famous chef Sebastian Housemarten. He dons full traditional chef’s attire for the deception.

Worn in:

Quasi-military uniform

She wears a dark blouse with hidden buttons and upright collar with a knee-length skirt. They are worn with a military-style thick leather belt and shoulder strap, which she also wears with an overcoat and buttoned dress in other episodes.

Worn in:

Gold lamé tabbard/tunic

She wears a couple of gold lamé tabbards. The first is long-sleeved with a boat neck front and mid-length vents on the sides, there is a hidden pleat in the front and back of the skirt for movement. The second is tunic-cut - sleeveless, with a crew neck and longer vents. It’s work with a matching loosely-tied belt and black turtleneck underneath.

Worn with:

Brown cotton blouse

She wears a brown cotton blouse with thick white stripes and a white collar; she matches it with a black knee-length skirt.

Worn in:

Navy underwear

Steed arrives early and finds her still clad in just her navy underwear.

Worn in:

Light grey suit

He wears a cheap-looking light grey suit, single breasted with two dark buttons at the waist. There is no waistcoat, the suit appears to be made of polyester and has jetted pockets at the breast and hips. there is a single vent in the skirt. He teams it with a white shirt and patterned navy tie with tie pin at first, then switches to a pale grey knitted tie with square end, white shirt, and a small pale straw trilby.

Worn in:

Blue dress

She wears a royal blue knee-length sleeveless dress with a square neckline. It’s piped in white stitching.

Worn in:

Black polo shirt

He wears a black casual polo shirt with pale trousers.

Worn in:

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