The Fashion Guide to Series 3 (1963–4)

Page 11

Leather dress with satin cape

She wears Frederick Sterke’s amazing black leather ballgown with a green satin-lined cape. The dress is sleeveless with a high collar, loose leather belt and large leather buttons down the left leg. The cape is also leather and has a high collar also, with gold clasp, she prefers to wear it flung back over her shoulders to reveal the startling lime lining. The cape is worn with a gold lamé dress elsewhere.

Worn in:

Pale khaki military shirt

He wears a light cotton uniform shirt - epaulettes on the shoulders, pleated patch pockets - what the German’s neatly call a ‘pilot shirt’, with dark trousers. He keeps the sleeves firmly rolled up a long way, I assume so as to create discomfort to guard against the brainwashing to which he’s being subjected.

Worn in:

Leather/knit casual jacket

He wears a casual knit jacket or cardigan with leather front, it fastens with four buttons and has two small pockets on the hips.

Worn in:

  • The Wringer : dirty, dark trousers, thick cotton shirt, cravat, hiking boots
  • Trojan Horse : beige trousers, thick cotton shirt, cravat, Chelsea boots; later with an overcoat

Black skirt and blouse with sling

She wears a short black skirt with a matching blouse and, rather impressively, a black leatherette sling around her broken arm instead of the conventional white cotton.

Worn in:

Vicar’s shirt and dogcollar

Steed infiltrates a criminal organisation that pretends to be a religious convocation by impersonating one of the impersonators - here he’s wearing the black shirt-front and white dogcollar with his dark suit; he also wears them with his midtone suit.

Worn in:

Leather coat

She wears an elegantly tailored leather coat with supple belt. The collar is high and tight, with wide square lapels, the coat pulled tight in to the waist despite the double-breasting, and flares at the hips.

Worn in:

Pale mackintosh

He wears a pale mackintosh with dark leather gloves and a dark trilby when he visits a cemetery in the rain.

Worn with:

Black leather mackintosh

She wears a heavy black leather mackintosh with wide buckled belt and epaulettes. Classically cut, it has deep notch lapels and descends to the knee, the wide belt is long, with the end hanging free of the large buckle.

Worn in:

Wool suit

She wears a woollen blazer-cut suit with large buttons and small flap pockets.

Worn with:

Linen top

She wears a grey linen top with dark slacks and possibly a white silk blouse. The sleeves of the top are made 3/4 length by the large turned-back flared cuffs; the top zips up the back to the high crew neck.

Worn in:

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