The Fashion Guide to Series 3 (1963–4)

Page 6

White polo shirt

He wears a casual open-weave cotton v-necked polo shirt with thin vertical stripes. It has two small patch pockets near the waistline, and two short vents on each hip. He wears it with pale trousers and dark sunglasses, and briefly accessorises with a pale jumper draped over his shoulders.

Worn in:

Ribbed pullover

She wears a ribbed short-sleeved pullover, possibly in a metallic wool, with dark trousers.

Worn in:

Quasi-military overcoat

She prepares for motoring by wearing a military-style greatcoat with epaulettes on the shoulders. She accessorises with a light headscarf and a military thick leather belt with shoulder strap.

Worn in:

Spanish cape

She wears a Spanish-inspired bright red cape with black leather tie with a short black top hat and black rollneck.

Worn in:

Black blazer with silver buttons

He wears a black blazer with a high collar, flap patch pockets and eight silver buttons. He matches it with a variety of other wear.

Worn with:

Ski/casual stretch trousers

She wears a pair of brown ski-ing trousers with a variety of tops, mostly black or brown.

Worn with:

Roman toga

He wears a yellow and taupe Roman toga costume with crimson stripe, stolen from a member of a secret society in order to infiltrate them.

Worn in:

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