The Fashion Guide to Series 3 (1963–4)

Page 7

Leather trousers and boots

She wears a pair of leather trousers, probably from one of her flying suits, with a variety of tops.

Worn in:

woollen coat

She wears a well-cut semi-formal woollen coat over a navy dress, then over a black rollneck and dark skirt.

Worn in:


He wears a dark dressinggown - probably navy- with white crosses.

Worn in:

Striped blouse

She wears a collared blouse, maybe in silk, with side multicoloured vertical stripes, with a black knee-length skirt.

Worn in:

Brown checked blazer

He wears a brown and black checked blazer with a taupe jumper and mustard knitted tie and matching handkerchief, pale blue shirt and beige trousers. He accessorises with a brown Herbert Johnson & Sons bowler hat and a black wanghee handled umbrella. In some publicity stills, the jumper is replaced by a mustard cardigan with brown buttons and the tie is metallic copper.

Worn in:


He wears a thick cardigan with raglan sleeves, patch pockets and wide plaquet, with three hard buttons. He has two of these in different shades.

Worn in:

Black leather culottes

She wears loose-fitting knee-length black leather shorts or culottes with a black rollneck, black tights and calf-length leather boots.

Worn in:

Leather tunic dress

She wears Frederick Sterke’s leather tunic with a black rollneck and long leather boots. The tunic has a scooped boat neck and is long, cut below the knee but cut like a tabbard, slit to the top of the thigh; Cathy wears leather shorts underneath. The tunic zips up the back and is tailored to fit; the look is completed by a wide leather belt, tied loosely around the waist.

Worn in:

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