The Fashion Guide to Series 3 (1963–4)

Page 10

Black overcoat

He wears a black overcoat with thick wooly wide shawl collar. Always worn with a dark suit, white shirt, dark patterned tie and black bowler hat and umbrella.

Worn in:

Prison uniform

She wears a female prisoner’s uniform with black shoes after apparently being arrested for murder.

Worn in:

Gas mask

She wears a gas mask with her flying suit.

Worn in:


Cathy wears… nothing at all! … as she slips quickly into the shower. Before that, she’s wrapped in a white towel as she has a massage.

(Not) worn in:

Black suit

She wears a tight black business suit, the top has a crew neck and two flap pockets on the breast, the skirt ends just above the knee.

Worn in:

Button-up dress

She wears a collarless boat-neck satin dress that buttons up the front. It has six satin-covered buttons and a cloth belt; the dress has long sleeves and falls to the knee. The top two buttons are usually undone to reveal a bit of cleavage.

Worn with:

Fur overcoat

Steed poses as a Icelandic art dealer by wearing a long fur overcoat and matching hat over his chalk striped suit.

Worn in:

Leather and wool jacket

She wears a leather jackets with a ribbed or knitted woollen shawl collar.

Worn in:

Cream cardigan and flat cap

He wears a cream knitted cardigan with dark leather buttons, patterned neckscarf, a checked flat cap and beige trousers.

Worn in:

Spanish cape

She wears a dark, collarless, knee-length dress, piped with satin with 3 large padded buttons, with her army-style diagonal sash leather belt.

Worn in:

Mississipi gambler costume

He wears the costume of a Mississipi gambler when invited to a New Year’s Eve fancy dress party. The outfit has a cowboy hat, shoestring tie, ruffled shirt, leather coat, chinos and embroidered waistcoat.

Worn in:

Monk costume

She wears a monk’s cloak and cowl costume to sneak onto a train for a fancy dress party, the cowl over her head to disguise her identity.

Worn in:

Highwaywoman costume

She wears the costume of a highwaywoman, complete with mask and hat, stolen from a drugged guest at a fancy dress party in order to impersonate her.

Worn in:

Tailor’s measuring suit

He wears a tailor’s chalk-marked and pinned jacket while he’s being measured for a suit.

Worn in:

Hiking gear

He wears a hunting jacket with a diagonal belt over the right shoulder, chunky-knit crew neck jumper, dark heavy cotton casual shirt, and a fur-lined leather hat.

Worn in:

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