The Fashion Guide to Series 3 (1963–4)

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He wears a tuxedo with a satin shawl collar and black cummerbund and small bow tie. The jacket is fastened with a single button, making is somewhat baggy when word without a waistcoat. He wears it with a white dress shirt

Worn with:

  • Concerto : no waistcoat, possibly a pleated dress shirt; briefly with a trilby
  • Esprit De Corps : with a satin waistcoat

Pale weatherproof overcoat

He wears a pale overcoat in a coarse weatherproof material, it has jetted pockets with internal flaps and two short vents in the skirt. He often wears the notch collar turned up against the cold, the cuffs are ribbed. It’s normally teamed with a bowler hat and umbrella.

Worn with:

Wide-skirted blue dress with satin facings

She wears a quasi-militaristic satin dress in a deep blue-grey. The Napoleonic facings are in black with silver buttons. This dress is in two versions, the second of which has larger black facings, and the cuffs and shawl collar are black as well whereas the first has these areas blue with either a fine trim or ribbing; the facings in the first version appear to be satin instead of cotton or wool. The black version has more volume to the skirt.

Worn with:

Bone mackintosh

To protect herself against the weather, Cathy wears a bone mackintosh, probably Burberry.

Worn in:

Black leotard

She wears a black leotard with a black rollneck and black tights.

Worn in:

Boating clothes

Anchos aweigh! Cathy goes boating wearing a thick white rollneck pullover with a dark cardigan and (probably khaki or brown) heavy canvas trousers. Just the thing to keep the cold out.

Worn in:

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