• title card: white all caps text reading ‘THE GOLDEN FLEECE’ superimposed on two military caps hanging from hooks above an empty metal shelf
  • Mr Lo and Captain Jason meet at the Chinese restaurant
  • Jimmy Jones’ face hit the windscreen of the car, breaking the glass
  • Steed relaxes with a Tintin comic in the original French edition
  • A pile of the munitions, made of pure gold
  • Captain Jason regrets their plan, but only because they can’t help the veterans anymore; Major Ruse watches him from behind while Sgt-M Wright goes to pack his kit

Series 3 — Episode 4
The Golden Fleece

by Roger Marshall and Phyllis Norman
Designed by Anne Spavin
Directed by Peter Hammond

Plot summary

Disgruntled army officers are smuggling gold for Chinese gangsters in exchange for a cut of the loot. The gold of the Golden Fleece Fund is funneled to poor ex-soldiers. Steed discovers a connection between the sinister Mr Lo and Captain Jason and Cathy soon discovers that ammunition shipments are carrying gold bullets and the smuggling racket is finished.

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Three soldiers meet in an army hut to discuss the accounts - in excess of £37,000! They are the managers of the Golden Fleece Fund, the treasurer and financial genius being the aptly-named Captain Jason (Warren Mitchell). He runs the fund with the aid of camp commandant Major Ruse (Tenniel Evans) and Sergeant-Major Wright (Barry Linehan) - the purpose: supporting pensioned off soldiers who are finding civilian life difficult. The cash flow? From the smuggling of gold from the Far East.

John Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Catherine Gale (Honor Blackman) finish dinner at Mrs Kwan’s (Yu Ling) restaurant and Steed purposefully asks the cloakroom attendant, Esther (Lisa Peake) to give him the wrong coat - Captain Jason’s, which contains a cheque for £5,000 drawn on a Taiwanese bank in the name of Lo.
Steed knows Lo is a Chinese smuggler, and also knows he’s a relative of Mrs Kwan and is hot on the trail of the smugglers.

Meanwhile, Jason is grilled by Mr. Lo (Robert Lee) as to the whereabouts of a missing £10,000 worth of bullion, absconded by one of his men, Jones (Michael Hawkins). He calls an emergency meeting of the fund, and goes to see Jones, but the man has spent all the money setting himself up in business as a mechanic. Jason leaves, and Lo turns up - he kills Jones by running him over with one of his own cars.

Unbeknownst to Cathy, Steed’s set her up with a job in Jason’s camp, infiltrating from within. She discovers from Private Holmes (Ronald Wilson) that a special shipment of ammunition is coming in that night, and calls Steed.

Opening the ammunition bags, Jason pours out a stream of golden bullets, and Major Ruse and Sgt.Major Wright start inserting them into ammunition belts, but they hadn’t counted on the Avengers, who turn up to arrest them. The vanquished appeal to Cathy not to reveal the names of the men who have been benefiting from their well-meant crime, and she burns the fund’s account book.

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