Dressed to Kill
The killing fields
of Series 3 (1963–4)


The Avengers

These pages list all the people killed in the 1963/4 series of The Avengers; as well as the people doing the killing, and their modi operandi.

Speaking trivially, The Little Wonders is the most bloodthirsty episode, in which seven people are gunned down, most of them by a nurse with a machine gun. The Outside-In Man may be the only episode in which no-one dies.

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Victim Killer Method
Polly White Burns Strangled
Darleen Lomax Burns ? Strangled ?
Brief For Murder
Catherine Gale Steed Shot (faked)
The Nutshell
Elin Strinberg Alex Strangled?
The Golden Fleece
Jimmy Jones Mr. Lo Run over
Death à la Carte
Emir Akaba --- natural causes (heart attack)
Lucien Ali broken neck
Man with Two Shadows
Gordon False Gordon shot
False Steed Steed shot
Don’t Look Behind You
Young man Martin Goodman shot
The Grandeur That Was Rome
Lucius Steed sword (per synopsis, off camera)
Sir Bruno Luker Marcus Dodds stabbed
The Undertakers
Madden Green Shot (faked)
Mrs. Lomax Green Shot
Death Of A Batman
Clarence Wrightson --- Natural causes
Build a Better Mousetrap
Stigant Gordon Crushed by mill wheel
November Five
Michael Dyter Farmer Shotgun (faked)
Swinburne Farmer Strangled?
Mark St. John Dyter Shotgun
Farmer? Steed Revolver
Second Sight
Hilda Brauer Steiner? drowned? (prior to episode)
Dr. Spender Steiner Strangled
Anstice Halvarssen Revolver (maybe)
The Secrets Broker
Marshall Freddy Paignton Revolver (off camera)
Cliff Howard Freddy Paignton Revolver
Freddy Paignton Bruno or Waller? ? (off camera)
The Gilded Cage
J.P. Spagge Cathy .25 Berretta (off camera, and faked)
Steed Manley Sniper rifle (Steed pretends to have been hit, but he was behind bulletproof glass)
Abe Benham Steed Revolver
Manley (maybe) Steed Revolver
The Medicine Men
Tu Hsiu Yung Miss Dowell Strangled
Edwards Miss Dowell Strangled (then hanged to make it look like suicide)
The White Elephant
George Lew Conniston blunt instrument
Dressed To Kill
Sheriff Newman bow and arrow
Napoleon Steed revolver
Newman Cathy flintlock pistol
The Wringer
Frederick Sempel ? shot (prior to episode)
Arne Langstrom ? ? (prior to episode)
George Arnold Meyer ? drowned (prior to episode)
Ann Lisa Pravicz ? ? (prior to episode)
Herman Ludner ? shot (prior to episode)
Arthur Leacock ? ? (prior to episode)
The Little Wonders
Big Sid Sister Johnson Tommy gun
Harry Sister Johnson Tommy gun
Ricky Sister Johnson Tommy gun
Mal Sister Johnson Tommy gun
Coalman Sister Johnson Tommy gun
Fingers Bishop of Winnipeg pistol
Beardmore Steed revolver
John Benson Benson Arsenic poisoning
Arthur Turner Eve Turner Arsenic poisoning
Trojan Horse
Kirby Johnson Brass knuckles (faked)
Patrice Dubois Kirby ? (not shown)
Lynton Smith Kirby lethal injection
The Outside-In Man
The Charmers
Vinkel Sam fencing foil
Harrap Sam anesthetic gas
Martin Sam pistol? (off camera)
Keller Kim Lawrence thrown sword
Esprit De Corps
Corporal Craig Soldier 1, Soldier 2, Soldier 3, & Private Jessop (firing squad)
Steed Soldier 1, Soldier 2, Soldier 3, & Private Jessop (firing squad — faked)
Sergeant Marsh Mrs. Gale revolver
Captain Trench Private Jessop revolver
Lobster Quadrille
Williams Quentin Slim .38 revolver
Quentin Slim Mrs. Gale unable to save from fire after knocking him out

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