Death’s Door
The Killing Fields
of Series 5 (1967–8)


The Avengers

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These pages list all the people killed in episodes of the first colour series of The Avengers; as well as the people doing the killing, and their modi operandi. A touch macabre, you say? Well, maybe but there was very rarely any obvious blood on screen (look for the blood spots alongside the victim’s name).

Speaking trivially, The Correct Way To Kill is the most bloodthirsty episode, in which nine people are unceremoniously dispatched, closely followed by The Superlative Seven and Who’s Who??? with eight unfortunates apiece. You may like to shelter in the relative calm of The Forget-Me-Knot, in which no-one dies at all.

The guide is now in three parts, use the links below to navigate them (or use those at the bottom of the pages).

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Victim Killer Method
Return of the Cybernauts
Dr. Russell Cybernaut Beaten to death
John Hunt Cybernaut Beaten to death
Dr. Garnett Paul Beresford Tampers with the control to blow his mind.
Professor Chadwick?? Cybernaut Clubbed in fight at end
Dr. Neville?? Cybernaut Clubbed in fight at end
Paul Beresford Cybernaut Crushed to death
Death’s Door
Sir Andrew Boyd Jepson Run down by car
Jepson?? Emma Karate blow (this is according to the original synopsis).
Alfred Becker Steed Fires bullet through hole in target.
Stapley Steed, Emma, Haynes & himself, sort of… Crushed by falling chandelier
The £50,000 Breakfast
Dusty Rhodes First Assistant Lethal injection
Mrs. Rhodes First Assistant & unnamed thug strangled?
First Assistant Emma Karate, and a car boot
Dead Man’s Treasure
Bobby Danvers Alex & Carl Gunshot wounds
Sir George Benstead Mike Electrocuted
Carl Alex & Penelope Plain Alex shoots him accidentally when Penelope is hitting Carl with Steed’s umbrella, causing the car to lurch.
Alex Alex & Carl Carl crashes the car into a tree
You Have Just Been Murdered
Gilbert Jarvis Skelton Pistol
Nicholls Emma Impaled on a sickle
Needle?? (Unwin) Bomb in suitcase
The Positive-Negative Man
Mr. Bryant Peter Haworth(?) Electrocuted/thrown out 12th storey window [prior to episode]
Charles Grey Peter Haworth Electrocuted
Maurice Jubert Peter Haworth Electrocuted
James Mankin Peter Haworth Electrocuted
Peter Haworth Steed & Emma His insulating boot is removed and he is electrocuted when his foot is forced onto the ground, earthing him
Creswell Steed Thrown out window (according to original script)
Unknown man Unknown man Pistol
Unknown victim (off screen) Sunglasses-wearing assassin Shotgun
Forbes Hubert & Mickle Sickle
Samuel Morgan Frederick Williams Silenced Pistol
Major Paul Croft Hubert & Mickle? ?
Unknown man Trilby-wearing assassin Tommy gun
Unknown man Unknown killers Body thrown from passing car (Humber Sceptre, maybe), but probably already dead.
Dr. Haymes Emma Spear
Mission Highly Improbable
Sir Gerald Bancroft Chivers Thrown into garbage bin
Captain Gifford Chivers Hosed down the drain
* Strange ways to kill people, but they were miniaturised first.
The Forget-Me-Knot
NONE. What a nice episode for Emma’s farewell…

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