Angels of Death
The Killing Fields


The New Avengers

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These pages list all the people killed in The New Avengers; as well as the people doing the killing, and their modi operandi.

Speaking trivially, it’s hard to pick the bloodiest episode. Gladiators was banned for violence, although it only has 4 on-screen deaths, and Target!, Gnaws and K is for Kill — Part 1: The Tiger Awakes all clock up nine (although the latter has combat between Russian and French forces, so the death toll is much higher — as high as 260, perhaps; however The Midas Touch may be the worst with three individual deaths, and the murders of a whole house full of innocent party guests.

The guide is in two parts, use the links below to navigate them (or use those at the bottom of the pages).

All the screen grabs on this page are ©1977 The Avengers (Film &Television) Enterprises Ltd.

Victim Killer Method
Dead Men are Dangerous
Mark Crayford John Steed pistol (shot 10 years earlier)
Angels of Death
Martin Coldstream silenced pistol
Pelbright Reresby stress conditioning
Colonel Tomson Reresby stress conditioning
Manderson Tammy activates his stress conditioning
Reresby Coldstream pistol, trying to shoot Steed
Medium Rare
Freddy Mason George Wallace thrown off bridge
George Cowley Richards thrown over railing and down a ladder
Derek Wigmore Richards silenced pistol
Courier (passer-by) run down while trying to escape Gambit
The Lion and the Unicorn
The Unicorn Ritter silenced pistol
Doomer Arabic Soldier 1, Arabic Soldier 2 & Arabic Soldier 3 firing squad (M16s)
Wolach Morgan silenced pistol
Larry Gambit pistol
Williams Guard rifle
Marty Brine Courier silenced pistol
Courier Steed knock off roof with umbrella
Guard Gambit bow and arrow
Guard Gambit bow and arrow
Guard Purdey spear
Guard Gambit bow and arrow
Walters Marvin Steed’s revolver
K is for Kill — Part 1: The Tiger Awakes
Salvation Army Major (and his 9-member band) Russian soldier (1965) submachine gun
Hippy Russian soldier (1977) submachine gun & grenades
Hippy Russian soldier (1977) submachine gun & grenades
Hippy Russian soldier (1977) submachine gun & grenades
Russian soldier (1977) Gambit knocked out of tree by karate kick
Vassili Gambit pistol
(several Russians) (French paratroops) (small arms fire)
Russian Gambit pistol
Russian Gambit pistol
K is for Kill — Part 2: Tiger By the Tail
Entrepot worker Minski bayonet
Général Gaspard Minski silenced pistol
Minski Gambit pistol
Toy Guard silenced pistol
Stanislav Purdey run down by his own car (unconfirmed)
Contact unknown hitman machine gun
Karavitch (Scapina) falls from high window
Berisford Holt Koschev pistol
Koschev Gambit pistol
Baker Scapina thrown into incinerator
Greenwood Scapina lift floor opens, dropping him 46 storeys
Perov Nada bare handed combat
Reet Ivan bare handed combat
Vain mercenary Tom O’Hara bare handed combat
Jed Nada bare handed combat
Ken Phillips Mirschtia revolver
Forward Base
Bailey (unknown) pistol
Halfhide Malachev pistol

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