• title card: white all caps text reading 'DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU	' superimposed on the cut-up photograph of Cathy
  • Ola paused while lighting the candles with a taper, she wears a cameo on a coker around her neck and gazes at the ceiling as another unstructured thought bounces around her head
  • The strange young man flings his arms wide as he regards the interior of the house. He is wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses
  • Cathy is becoming increasingly desperate as the situation in the house darkens
  • A photomontage of a close-up of an eye, the pupil replaced with a star-shaped flower
  • Cathy stares at her inert pistol as Goodman looks over her head, adjusting to the shock of having been shot

Series 3 - Episode 7
Don't Look Behind You

by Brian Clemens
Designed by Terry Green
Directed by Peter Hammond

Cathy has written an article on using mediæval costumes and fabrics in fashions for a popular women's magazine ("Hers"), which draws the attention of noted mediæval scholar Sir Cavalier Resagne, who invites her down to his country house in the West Country. Steed has just bought a new car, so offers to run her down there, stopping to pick flowers on the way.
When they arrive, they are greeted by the distinctly odd Ola (Janine Gray), who professes to be Resagne's ward and adoptive niece. She tells them that Sir Cavalier has been called away, but hopes to return that evening.

Steed takes his leave, and Cathy settles into her bedroom with a good book after investigating a dusty lumber room, while Ola prepares dinner. Dinner is served - fish, but the wine's red - and shortly afterwards Ola leaves the house, telling Cathy that a friend in the village is sick.
Some time later, Cathy is roused from her book by banging on the front door - a young man (Kenneth Colley) who pretends to be a film director is there, seeking petrol for his broken-down car. He irritates Cathy and she tells him just to make his 'phone call, but the lines have been cut! Cathy throws him out of the house then he tells her that he saw Ola catching a train for London, and he goes to the garage to look for petrol.

Shortly afterwards, Cathy finds the kitchen door open, and the lumber room strangely locked, but when she goes outside she hears the young man's death scream. Back in her room, the flowers Steed picked for her have been trampled, her book has been moved, and a cut-up photograph of herself falls out of her book. She quickly checks the lumber room, only to find the young man's body.
She's menaced by a voice coming from all corners of the house and upon descending the stairs she find Martin Goodman (Maurice Good) - back in Berlin in 1953 she and Steed had arrested him for fleecing refugees from the East, and then taking another payment from the military and turning them in.
They struggle and Cathy shoots him, but he leaves the room. Shocked and confused, Cathy jumps when Steed suddenly appears - he had known that Goodman was loose, but had just discovered that Resagne was in Europe at a conference and hurried back.
Goodman returns, and Steed, hiding behind a mannequin, calls his name, making him faint from shock.

Produced 5/07/63
London 14/12/63
Sydney ---
Melbourne ---

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