Death’s Door
The Killing Fields
of Series 5 (1967–8)


The Avengers

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These pages list all the people killed in episodes of the first colour series of The Avengers; as well as the people doing the killing, and their modi operandi. A touch macabre, you say? Well, maybe but there was very rarely any obvious blood on screen (look for the blood spots alongside the victim’s name).

Speaking trivially, The Correct Way To Kill is the most bloodthirsty episode, in which nine people are unceremoniously dispatched, closely followed by The Superlative Seven and Who’s Who??? with eight unfortunates apiece. You may like to shelter in the relative calm of The Forget-Me-Knot, in which no-one dies at all.

The guide is now in three parts, use the links below to navigate them (or use those at the bottom of the pages).

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Victim Killer Method
The Correct Way To Kill
Boris Groski Algy & Percy pistols
Stanislaus Arkadi Algy & Percy ?
Zoric Algy & Percy dagger
Ivan Peppitoperoff Algy & Percy? ?
Dr. Merryweather Algy & Percy? Stabbed with umbrella
Winters Algy & Percy? Stabbed with umbrella
Algernon Wynche (Algy) Emma Sword
Mr. Percival (Percy) Olga Sword
Nutski Emma Sword thrown at him.
Never, Never Say Die
George Eccles Professor F.N. Stone Beaten & strangled
Actor Stewart Kirby Pistol
Policeman Stewart Kirby Tommy gun
Z.Z. von Schnerk Steed & himself Shot while struggling for pistol
The Superlative Seven
Toy Sung Stewardess Sword
Freddy Richards Wade Broken back
Joe Smith Wade Pitchfork
Max Hardy Wade Sword
Mark Dayton Wade Garotte
Jason Wade Steed Spear
Wade’s twin Emma Thrown off balcony
Kanwitch Jessel Pistol
* Wade is in fact two characters, Jason Wade and his unnamed twin. Working out which is which is left as an exercise to the reader.
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Station
Unnamed thug Lucas Garrotted with tie
Lucas Groom Pistol
Bart Steed & himself Slams door on pistol, causing Bart to shoot himself
Salt Groom Pistol
George Warren Groom Machine-gun
Groom Emma & Crewe Thrown from speeding train
Something Nasty In The Nursery
Dobson Mr. Goat Pistol
James Mr. Goat ?
Martin Mr. Goat Booby-trapped Jack-in-the-box
Nanny Roberts ?? Gordon ? lethal injection
Mr. Goat Wilmot Pistol
The Joker
Major George Fancy Max Prendergast Poisoned razor blade
Strange Young Man Max Prendergast Pistol
Who’s Who???
Hooper (Rose) Basil & Lola Pistols
Daffodil Basil Pistol
Poppy Basil Pistol
Pansy Basil Pistol
Cornflower Basil? Pistol? (off-camera)
Carnation Basil? Pistol? (off-camera)
Marigold Basil Pistol
Bluebell Lola Pistol

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