Legacy of Death The Killing Fields
of Series 6 (1968–9)


The Avengers

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These pages list all the people killed in the Tara King episodes of The Avengers; as well as the people doing the killing, and their modi operandi.

Speaking trivially, Homicide and Old Lace is the most bloodthirsty episode, in which nine people are unceremoniously dispatched, although four are in footage recycled from Emma Peel episodes — so the mantle is passed to Have Guns — Will Haggle and the appropriately-named Killer with eight unfortunates apiece. There are no episodes in which no-one dies at all, although False Witness, Invasion of the Earthmen and The Morning After only have one each.

The guide is in three parts, use the links below to navigate them (or use those at the bottom of the pages).

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Victim Killer Method
Cooty Gibson Bristow Simluated car crash
Dexter Bristow Poisonous snakes & ladders
Professor Witney Bristow Crushed in machine
Averman Bristow Forced heart attack
Brigadier Wishforth-Browne Bristow Toy cannon
Bristow John Steed Deflected lethal weapon
Super Secret Cypher Snatch
Agent Wilson pistol shots
Jarret Maskin & Vickers pistols
Ferret Maskin suffocated with chamois
You’ll Catch Your Death
Camrose Preece virus-filled letter
Padley Preece virus-filled letter
Seaton Preece virus-filled letter
Herrick Preece virus-filled letter
Glover John Steed virus-filled letter
Frank Compton Harry Mercer pistol
Harry Mercer Lord Barnes pistol
Boris Kartovski John Steed life support system destroyed
Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?
Baines Jacobs sawn-off shotgun
Jacobs John Steed deflected bullet with bowler hat
False Witness
Penman Brayshaw pistol
All Done with Mirrors
Arkin Roger pistol
Roger Markin sniper rifle
Guthrie Markin forced off cliff
Williams Gozzo beaten
Seligman Markin sniper rifle
Gozzo Tara unarmed combat, fell onto rake
Thug Tara shot by own gun when slammed in door
Legacy of Death
Gorky Zoltan assault rifle
Oppenheimer Slattery shoot each other with pistols
Slattery Oppenheimer shoot each other with pistols
Gregor Tara falls on knife during fight
Dickens Zoltan assault rifle
Farrer John Steed revolver
Noon Doomsday
Cornwall Dr. Carson crushed by cartwheel
Dr. Hyde Dr. Carson revolver
Dr. Carson Tara shot by his own revolver during a fight
Grant Tara revolver
Farrington Tara throwing knife
Kafka Steed spear gun hidden in crutch
Look- (stop me if you’ve heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers…
Sir Jeremy Broadfoot Maxie Martin joke gun (which fires bullets anyway)
Cleghorn Maxie Martin clubbed over the head
Rugman Maxie Martin & Jennings slips on banana
Brigadier Wiltshire Maxie Martin bomb
Marler Maxie Martin thrown knife
Lord Dessington Jennings rug pulled out from under his feet, he falls out a window

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