Legacy of Death The Killing Fields
of Series 6 (1968–9)


The Avengers

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These pages list all the people killed in the Tara King episodes of The Avengers; as well as the people doing the killing, and their modi operandi.

Speaking trivially, Homicide and Old Lace is the most bloodthirsty episode, in which nine people are unceremoniously dispatched, although four are in footage recycled from Emma Peel episodes — so the mantle is passed to Have Guns — Will Haggle and the appropriately-named Killer with eight unfortunates apiece. There are no episodes in which no-one dies at all, although False Witness, Invasion of the Earthmen and The Morning After only have one each.

The guide is in three parts, use the links below to navigate them (or use those at the bottom of the pages).

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Victim Killer Method
Grunner Travers sword stick
Valarti Travers sword stick
Osgood ? Travers sword stick
Sanders Travers sword stick
Homicide and Old Lace
Freddie Cartwright Thug bren gun
Thug (?) Tara sub-machine gun
African delegate Steed Umbrella sword stick
Osaka Steed automatic pistol
Thug Tara sub-machine gun
Elrick Robin falls off scaffold into wet cement
Danvers Robin sub-machine gun
Martin Wilson pistol shots
Gilbert Steed crushed by bulldozer
Love All
Metcalfe Sir Rodney pistol
Sir Rodney Martha revolver
Freeman Tara shot by his own gun during a fight
George Neville Rostov revolver
Paul Ryder Lubin revolver
Cedric Bryant Lubin revolver
Lubin (?) Tara thrown out upstairs window
Greer Thingumajig electric discharge
Bill Reston Thingumajig electric discharge
Major Star Thingumajig electric discharge
Brett Thingumajig electric discharge
Kruger Thingumajig electric discharge
Thingumajig Steed arc welder
Simon Juniper Rupert Lasindall revolver
Gregory Lasindall (Gregory Lasindall) Heart attack
Rupert Lasindall Steed Falls from top landing
Bodyguard Murray & Rista revolvers
Bobby Cleaver Murray & Rista revolvers ?
Handcuffed man Fenton Grenville phosphor bomb
Sergeant Groom Fenton Grenville phosphor bomb
Gilbert Sexton (?) John Steed thrown off staircase
Who Was That Man I Saw You With?
Perowne Zaroff revolver
Fairfax Zaroff Tara’s revolver
My Wildest Dream
Aloyisius Peregrine Paul Gibbons stabbed (imaginary attack)
Aloysius Peregrine Paul Gibbons stabbed
Paul Gibbons (Paul Gibbons) falls off fire escape in shock
Henry Winthrop Slater stabbed
Slater Frank Tobias revolver (during struggle, he claims self-defence)
Dyson Tara impaled on sword during fight
John Steed Hon. Teddy Chilcott revolver (imaginary attack)
Bradney Morton Tara shot by own gun during fight
Captain Cordell Charley (?) revolver

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