Killer Whale
The killing fields
of Series 2 (1962–3)


The Avengers

These pages list all the people killed in the 1962/3 series of The Avengers; as well as the people doing the killing, and their modi operandi.

There are no obvious stand-out episodes for bloodthirstiness, unless you count the aeroplane passengers murdered by the false nuns in Dead on Course.

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Victim Killer Method
Mr. Teddy Bear
Colonel Wayne-Gilley Mr. Teddy Bear poison
John Steed Mr. Teddy Bear nerve gas & blistering agent
(or so we think…)
Mr. Teddy Bear himself & Cathy poison (at gunpoint)
Propellant 23
Jules Meyer Paul Manning poison
Jeanette Paul Manning strangled
The Decapod
Secretary Yakob Borb karate blow
Giorgi Yakob Borb karate blow
Czarko Yakob Borb karate blow
Yakob Borb Stepan pistol
Anderson Miss Ellis pistol
Reynolds Miss Ellis armalite rifle
Brigadier Williamson Miss Ellis revolver
Mission to Montreal
Peggy Brand stiletto
Budge Brand stiletto
Nicholson Brand stiletto
The Removal Men
Unknown victim Siegel ?
Binaggio Siegel hanged
Nicole Cauvin Steed [faked] assassination
Siegel Steed pistol (maybe)
The Mauritius Penny
Pechkam Goodchild revolver
Goodchild Brown revolver
Death of a Great Dane
Miller Unknown killer strangled
Mrs. Miller 2nd Assistant strangled
The Sell-Out
Price Gunman pistol
Fraser Gunman ?
Harvey Steed revolver
Death on the Rocks
Mrs. Ross Liza Denham suffocated
Van Berg Fenton revolver
Mrs. Daniels Liza Denham strangled
Traitor in Zebra
Mellors Franks strangled
Graham Franks poison
Rankin Franks stabbed
The Big Thinker
Dr. Brensell Dr. Farrow gassed and frozen
Dr. Clemens Dr. Farrow electrocuted
Dr. Farrow Dr. Farrow electrocuted
Death Dispatch
Baxter Pasco throwing knife
Pasco Monroe stabbed
Dead on Course
Pilot Man diguised as nun(?) strangled
the passengers the villains blows to the head & forced crash landing on plane
Margot Man diguised as nun garroted
Mother Superior Dr. King fire bomb
Sewell Moss revolver
Kressler Hilda Stern revolver (assumed)
Moss Lobb stabbed (by accident)
Immortal Clay
Lander Allen Marling accidentally
hit his head
while fighting
Harry Miller de Groot revolver
Box of Tricks
Valerie Dr. Gallam shot in the back
Denise Dr. Gallam strangled with
a stocking
Peter Neville Markel punched
Mrs. Dunning Markel strangled
Markel Cosmo Gallion voodoo doll???
Cosmo Gallion natural causes heart attack
The Golden Eggs
Campbell Hillier causes car to
run off road
Hall Hillier causes car to
run off road
DeLeon Hillier causes car to
run off road
Rankin Franks stabbed
School For Traitors
Davis Higby? revolver
Green Higby pushed off roof
Roberts Higby overdose of barbiturates
The White Dwarf
Richter Cartright strangled?
Rahim Cartright strangled?
Cartright Maxwell Barker revolver
Man in the Mirror
Unknown victim Unknown killer ?
Strong Betty kitchen knife
Conspiracy Of Silence
Terry Carlo revolver
A Chorus of Frogs
Stephanopoulus Pitt-Norton nitrogen embolism
Jackson Anna harpoon gun
First Officer Helena pistol
Six Hands Across a Table
Herbert Collier thug? sabotaged car
Killer Whale
Fred Harry ?
Sailor Harry blow to head?

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