The Avengers

Square Root of Evil

Rescues Mastermind
Male lead Female lead Multiple leads killed arrested
Episode Rescues Diabolical Mastermind Body count (S/P/G)
The Eagle’s Nest Purdey is threatened with a fate worse than death The monks are rounded up after Hitler’s death 2
House of Cards Purdey saves Steed from being poisoned Perov is presumably captured after Purdey knocks him out 2
The Last of the Cybernauts…?? Purdey is attacked by Kane, and saved by Steed and Gambit Felix Kane is incapacitated and captured 6
The Midas Touch Midas threatens to have his way with Purdey, but she is saved by Gamibt and Steed before he returns Turner is killed by Midas by accident 20+
Cat Amongst the Pigeons Purdey is rescued from the aviary by baskets of cats Zarcardi is presumably arrested 2
Target! Purdey is poisoned with curare and revived after Steed and Gambit retrieve the antidote Draker is the only villain to survive, all the others are killed by curare darts 9
To Catch a Rat Purdey is held at gunpoint by Cromwell until the wounded Gunner shoots him Cromwell is presumably arrested, unless Gunner’s shot was fatal 3
The Tale of the Big Why Roach and Poole abduct Purdey when they find the box is empty, she’s rescued by Gambit and Steed Harmer is arrested for treason; Roach, Poole are arrested for getting in the way 1
Faces - Prator and Craig/Terrison are arrested, but Mullins is accidentally killed by Purdey 5
Gnaws Thornton plans to make Purdey the rat’s dinner, but Steed saves her by throwing his lure over Thornton Thornton and Carter are killed by the rat 9
Dirtier by the Dozen Purdey is locked up by Miller and freed by Gambit, only to run into a minefield from which she is rescued by Steed Mad Jack Miller and his troops are arrested 5
Sleeper - Brady and his gang are presumably arrested 1
Three Handed Game - Juventor/Ranson is captured 2
Dead Men are Dangerous Purdey is facing execution by Crayford when Steed arrives to stop him Mark Crayford is killed by Steed’s bullet from ten years beforehand 1
Angels of Death Steed and Purdey are trapped in the maze as the walls close in… Coldstream and his bevy of beauties are arrested, Reresby is accidentally killed by Coldstream 5
Medium Rare Steed is framed for murder and treason Wallace and Richards are arrested 4
The Lion and the Unicorn - The Unicorn is accidentally killed by one of his own men, but his deputies are eventually arrested 1
Obsession Purdey duels Larry and is saved from death when he tricks her into dropping her gun Larry is killed by Gambit, but his hired muscle is presumably arrested 3
Trap Gambit is rescued from being beheaded by Steed and Purdey Soo Choy, all his men, and the American gangsters are arrested 7
K is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes - - 9+*
* Toy reports 250 soldiers as having died in Part 2, so the total across both episodes is 261, plus any French troops who might have died.
K is for Kill - Tiger by the Tail Gambit deflects a bullet with his revolver, but Purdey saves him from certain death by knocking out their stunned opponent All the Russian soldiers die 8*
Complex Purdey is trapped in the killer building, Steed saves her by throwing matches down the mail chute Scapina is destroyed, and several Soviet agents die 6
Hostage Purdey is kidnapped to force Steed to steal secret documents, Steed helps her escape Spelman and his henchmen are arrested 1
Forward Base Purdey is captured and freed when the Russians surrender The Russians surrender rather than face a naval strike 2
Emily - Collings is arrested 1
Gladiators - Sminksy and his supermen are defeated and captured 4

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