The Avengers

Square Root of Evil

Rescues Mastermind
Male lead Female lead Both leads killed arrested
Episode Rescues Diabolical Mastermind Body count (S/C)
Concerto Steed frees himself when tied up by Burns
Steed rescues Cathy from Burns, who has tied her up and is going to shoot her
Peterson and his minions are arrested 2
Brief for Murder Steed rescues Cathy from Wescott and Bart, who are holding her at gunpoint The Larkin brothers and their minions are arrested 1
The Nutshell - Venner and his cohorts are arrested 1
The Golden Fleece - Cpt Jason, Mjr Ruse & Sgt-M Wright are arrested 1
Death à la Carte Steed and Cathy are locked in a hotel room from which they both escape separately Mellor and his co-conspirators are arrested 2
Man with Two Shadows - Cummings, Rudi and Sigi are arrested 2
Don’t Look Behind You Steed rescues Cathy from The Man Goodman is shot, but his status is undetermined 1
The Grandeur That Was Rome Steed and Cathy are both captured. Steed escapes and saves Cathy from being poisoned Sir Bruno is stabbed by Octavia and Marcus, who are arrested along with the other conspirators 2
The Undertakers - Green and Madden are arrested after a gunbattle following Lomax’s death 2
Death Of A Batman - Lord Teale and Van Doren are arrested after Cooper is bribed by Steed to help capture them 1
Build a Better Mousetrap Wesker holds Cathy at gunpoint but is interrupted by Steed and Dave Wesker and his team of agents are arrested 1
November Five Mrs. Dove stops Max and Fiona from menacing Cathy Dyter and the farmer are wounded by Steed while Max and Fiona are arrested by Cathy 4
Second Sight - Anstice, Hawn and Steiner are arrested 3
The Secrets Broker - Waller and his gang are arrested 3
The Gilded Cage Steed prevents Benham from shooting Cathy Benham is shot by Steed and the gang, and Spagge, arrested - Fleming initially escapes but Steed reconsiders… 4
The Medicine Men Steed rescues Cathy from Miss Dowell who wanted to frame her for murder Geoffrey and Miss Dowell are shot and ther gang rounded up 2
The White Elephant Steed is caught by Fitch but escapes.
Cathy is first caught by Lawrence and overpowers him, then caught and put into a panther’s cage by Conniston, from which she is rescued by Steed
The gang are arrested after a gunfight in the zoo 1
Dressed To Kill Steed and Cathy are handcuffed together but escape, Cathy later saves Steed from being shot by Newman Preston and Newman are killed and the barman arrested 3
The Wringer Cathy rescues Steed from the interrogation cage The Wringer is apprehended by Anderson and his cohorts arrested 6
The Little Wonders Cathy is held at gunpoint by Fingers but escapes in the shoot-out The surviving villains are arrested 7
Mandrake - Hopkins, Macombie and Mrs. Turner are arrested 2
Trojan Horse - Major Pantling and his gang are arrested 3
The Outside-In Man - The conspirators are prevented from assassinating General Sharp - at least while on British soil 0
The Charmers Kim saves Steed’s life by killing Keller Keller is killed and his army arrested 4
Esprit De Corps Steed saves himself from death by firing squad by bribing the squad
Cathy fights off Trench when he tries to strangle her
Bollinger, Trench aqnd their cohorts are arrested 3
Lobster Quadrille Cathy is captured by Mason and finally escapes from Quentin’s inferno when she fights him to escape Quentin dies in a fire while his gang are arrested 2

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