The Avengers

Square Root of Evil

Rescues Mastermind
Male lead Female lead Both leads killed arrested
Episode Rescues Diabolical Mastermind Body count (S/T)
Game Steed has to save Tara’s life as part of his “game” Bristow is killed by his razorblade card, deflected by Steed 6
Super Secret Cypher Snatch - Charles Lather and the Classy Glass cleaners are all washed up 3
You’ll Catch Your Death Tara is captured but escapes by making a bomb, recornered, she’s saved by Steed Dr. Glover is killed by Steed exposing him to his concentrated virus 5
Split! Tara is destined to become Kartovski but Steed prevents the brain-transfer from happening Kartovski dies when his life support system is destroyed, his medical team are presumably arrested 3
Whoever Shot Poor George oblique Stroke XR40? Tara is locked in the cellar of a burning house The conspirators are arrested - except Jacobs, who is killed by Steed 2
False Witness Tara is trapped in a butter churn The villains are arrested 1
All Done with Mirrors Tara is thrown off a cliff but manages to save herself and climb back out of the sea The impostors and their band of thugs (except the two Tara killed) are arrested 7
Legacy of Death - What does happen? 6
Noon Doomsday Tara is pivotal in saving Steed from Kafka’s retribution Kafka and his henchmen are all killed by Steed and Tara 5
Look… (stop me if you’ve heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers Steed saves Tara from becoming the first woman to be saw in half - with a blow torch! Seagrave and his music hall entertainers are arrested 5
Have Guns - Will Haggle Tara is tied up in a munitions shed which catches fire and saved in the nick of time by Steed Colonel Nsonga and Conrad are killed by Steed 8
They Keep Killing Steed Tara helps Steed escape the clutches of Arcos Arcos is killed by Steed, and most of his doppelgangers are killed by each other 8
The Interrogators Tara stops the trainees from shooting Steed Colonel Mannering is arrested and his troops presumably surrender 4
The Rotters - The surviving rotters are arrested 6
Invasion of the Earthmen Tara is trapped in “The Tunnel” but escapes with a bit of help from Steed Brett and mis young fascists are arrested 3
Killer - Steed destroys REMAK and Meridon dies in the conflagration 8
The Morning After - Brigadier Hansing and his troops are knocked out with gas 1
The Curious Case of the Countless Clues Tara is destined to be the victim in the plot to frame Steed for murder, but he manages call her to warn her Tara defeats the villains when they try to kill her, Steed having already subdued Stanley 2
Wish You Were Here Tara, her uncle and Basil are held captive in the hotel grounds The hotelier and his staff are arrested 2
Stay Tuned Steed is framed for murder (again) but Tara uncovers the truth The mesmeric Kreer is killed by Tara and the other conspirators are arrested 2
Take Me to Your Leader - Colonel Stonehouse is arrested, two of his gang are killed along the way by Steed and Captain Andrews 4
Fog - Travers is arrested after Steed defeats him in a fencing match 4
Homicide and Old Lace - Dunbar and his goons are captured, but Steed and Tara kill several gang members each 9
Love All Tara tries to kill herself but is saved by Steed Bromfield and Martha are arrested, but Tara kills one of the gang in a fight 3
Get-A-Way! - Steed presumably arrests Ezdorf and Lubin may have been killed by Tara, but it’s a bit hard to tell 4
Thingumajig Professor Truman saves Tara from the thingumajig by telling her how to decharge it Kruger is killed by his own thingumajig 6
Pandora Tara is drugged and forced to assume the personality of Pandora, Steed breaks the spell of the brainwashing when he rescues her Rupert dies when he tries to stop Steed from rescuing Tara, his brother and housekeeper are arrested 3
Requiem Tara is kidnapped and tricked into thinking Mother has been assassinated, but she discovers the ruse and escapes can’t remember this one at all… 2
Take-over - Grenville and his gang are rounded up, except Sexton who is killed by Steed 3
Who Was That Man I Saw You With? Tara is framed for treason but cleared by Steed (and Miss Culpepper) ummm- 2
My Wildest Dream - Dr. Jaeger is arrested, but Tara kills Dyson 6
Bizarre Steed is uncovered in the Master’s lair but Tara arrives just in time to prevent his death Morton is killed by Tara, but the Master and his other cohorts are arrested 2

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