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This is a listing of the episode titles in different languages, cross-referenced to the Emma Peel Episodes.
The title of the movie, if different to the series title, is shown below the series title.

Agente Speciale
(Agenti Speciali)

Två slår till

(Me Kostajat)

Vihmavari ja kõvakübar

You may also download a spreadsheet of all series transmission and production dates.

Series 2 & 3

Series 2 & 3 had a limited release internationally — there was of course Australia, as well as some other British Commonwealth countries, such as Malaysia and Canada. The only translated — or perhaps subtitled — episodes that have been unearthed were a very limited run of ten selected episodes from series 2 and 3 in Italy, broadcast intermittently in 1965 and 1966 under the series title “Agente speciale” on the public broadcaster RAI and variously shown on RAI 1 (Primo/Televisione 1) and RAI 2 (Secundo/Televisione 2). Initially scheduled weekly on Primo canale, it was quickly pre-empted by other programmes and moved to the more local, but still nationally organised, Secundo canale. It’s interesting that the episodes selected featured Venus Smith and Dr King as well as Cathy Gale.

EpisodeDateTimeItalian titleChannel
Death Of A Batman12/08/19659:00 PMAlta finanzaRAI 1
The Removal Men26/08/1965 19:00 PMUna donna in mareRAI 1
Man in the Mirror2/09/19659:00 PMUn uomo nello specchioRAI 1
The Nutshell5/11/19659:15 PMSegretissimoRAI 2
Death on the Rocks10/11/19659:15 PMOperazione diamantiRAI 2
The Undertakers1/12/1965 29:15 PMI filantropiRAI 2
School for Traitors17/12/196510:20 PMScuola di spieRAI 2
Traitor in Zebra7/01/196610:15 PMLa formula segretaRAI 2
Death of a Great Dane14/01/196610:15 PMIl cane daneseRAI 2
Dead on Course4/02/1966 310:15 PMSabotaggioRAI 2
  1. Originally scheduled for 19/8/1965 but pre-empted by a repeat of Carlo Goldoni’s “Burbero benefico”.
  2. Originally scheduled for 26/8/1965 on RAI 1 but with the pre-emption above, “The Removal Men” took that slot and “The Undertakers” was rescheduled on 1st December, 1965 on RAI 2.
  3. Originally scheduled for 21/1/1966 at 22:15 on RAI 2 but pre-empted by live coverage of the Simmenthal — Racing Malines basketball match for the European Cup.

Series 4

# Episode France Switzerland French title Germany German title Netherlands Dutch title Italy Italian title Spain Spanish title
01 The Town of No Return 2/05/1967 8:00pm 10/12/1966 8:35pm Voyage sans retour 20/12/1966 9:15pm Stadt ohne Rückkehr 19/09/1967 9:00pm De Spookstad 29/10/80 C51 Il città senza ritorno / Il paese senza ritorno 14/02/1967 10:15pm El pueblo de donde no se regresa 1
02 The Gravediggers 5/7/91 FR3 - Les fossoyeurs 7/02/1967 9:15pm Die Totengrüber 22/02/1969 9:00pm De doodgravers 14/11/80 C51 Servizio funebre 28/03/1967 10:15pm Los sepultureros
03 The Cybernauts 27/05/1973 12:00 AM 19/11/1966 8:40pm Les cybernautes 18/10/1966 9:15pm Die Roboter - De robot 2 15/11/80 C51 I cibernauti 14/03/1967 10:15pm Los Cibernautas
04 Death at Bargain Prices 13/06/1967 8:00pm 28/01/1967 9:20pm Mort en magasin 21/03/1967 9:15pm Auzverkauf des Todes 2/11/1968 9:00pm Moord tegen opruimingsprijzen (N2) 17/10/1969 10:00pm Corsa contro il tempo 28/02/1967 10:15pm Muerte a plazos módicos
05 Castle De’ath 3/7/91 FR3 - Le fantôme du château De’Ath 10/01/1967 9:15pm Das schottische Schloß 16/08/1967 9:20pm Het geheimzinnige kasteel (N2) 30/10/80 C51 L’ultimo dei De’ath 24/07/1967 4:10pm El castillo de la muerte
06 The Master Minds 6/06/1967 8:00pm 4/11/1966 8:35pm Les aigles 21/02/1967 9:15pm Club der Hirne 27/06/1967 9:05pm Superintellect - - 12/06/1967 4:00pm Los amos de la mente 1
07 The Murder Market 11/04/1967 10:10pm 1/10/1966 9:20pm Cœur à cœur - Das Mörderinstitut - - 7/08/1969 10:00pm Lovejoy & C. (RAI 1) 7/02/1967 10:15pm El mercado de asesinatos
08 A Surfeit of H2O 23/7/91 FR3 - Dans sept jours le déluge - Eine Überdosis Wasser 17/09/1968 9:10pm De zondvloed 28/11/80 C51 H2O 11/04/1967 10:15pm Un exceso de H2O
09 The Hour that Never Was 11/07/1967 8:05pm 25/02/1967 9:10pm L’heure perdue - Die Fehlende Stunde 7/03/1967 8:55pm Het verdwenen uur / Het uur dat niet bestond 30/11/80 C51 Il tempo si è fermato 19/06/1967 4:05pm La hora que nunca llegó
10 Dial a Deadly Number 4/04/1967 10:10pm 12/11/1966 8:35pm Meurtre par téléphone 6/12/1966 9:15pm Vorsicht bei Anruf 18/10/1966 9:05pm De dood telefoneert 3/10/1969 10:00pm Doppio gioco (RAI 1) 21/02/1967 10:15pm Marque un numero mortal
11 Man-eater of Surrey Green 12/7/91 FR3 - La mangeuse d’hommes du Surrey - Mörderischer Löwenzahn 25/01/1969 9:00pm Een mensetende plant - - 5/06/1967 4:10pm Los antropófagos de Surrey Green 3
12 Two’s a Crowd 9/7/91 FR3 - Un Steed de trop 22/11/1966 9:15pm 2:1=1 24/08/1967 8:30pm De dubbelganger (N2) - - 29/05/1967 4:10pm Dos son demasiado 4
13 Too Many Christmas Trees 21/09/1973 12:00 AM 17/12/1966 8:35pm Faites de beaux rêves - Der Weihnachtsalptraum - - 3/12/80 C51 Troppi alberi di Natale 7/03/1967 10:15pm Demasiados árboles en Navidad
14 Silent Dust 9/05/1967 8:03pm 15/10/1966 9:35pm La poussière qui tue 8/11/1966 9:30pm Tödlicher Staub 30/05/1967 9:00pm Dodelijke mest 5 29/10/80 C51 Morte silenziosa 17/07/1967 4:05pm El polvo del silencioso
15 Room without a View 27/7/91 FR3 14/01/1967 8:35pm Avec vue imprenable 8/08/1967 9:15pm Geschlossene Räume 28/01/1967 8:55pm Kamer zonder uitzicht (N2) 10/10/1969 10:00pm Stanza 621 (RAI 1) 4/04/1967 10:15pm Un cuarto sin vista
16 Small Game for Big Hunters 25/04/1967 8:00pm 8/10/1966 9:40pm Petit gibier pour gros chasseurs 4/04/1967 9:15pm Afrikanischer Sommer 11/09/1967 9:35pm De slaapziekte 26/11/80 C51 Piccolo gioco per grandi cacciatori 3/07/1967 4:05pm Presa chica para grandes cazadores
17 The Girl from Auntie 18/7/91 FR3 - Maille à partir avec les taties - Nadeln töten leiser  23/07/1968 9:10pm Een rechts, twee averechts 24/11/80 C51 Cercate ‘la vecchia’ 31/07/1967 4:10pm La muchacha de Aunty
18 The Thirteenth Hole 4/07/1967 8:05pm 18/03/1967 9:10pm Le jeu s’arrête au 13 7/03/1967 9:15pm Das dreizehnte Loch 13/12/1966 8:50pm Een Partijtje Golf 24/10/1969 10:00pm La tredicesima buca 26/06/1967 4:00pm El hoyo 13
19 Quick-Quick Slow Death 27/06/1967 8:00pm 18/02/1967 9:10pm La danse macabre 24/01/1967 9:15pm Gefährliche Tanzstunde 25/07/1967 9:35pm Dodendans July 21 1969? A passo di danza 6 21/08/1967 4:15pm Rápido, rápido, muerte lenta
20 The Danger Makers 2/7/91 FR3 26/11/1966 9:20pm Les chevaliers de la mort 18/07/1967 9:15pm Der Club der schwarzen Rose - De vreesaanjagers 7 26/11/80 C51 La fabbrica del brivido - Los amantes del peligro
21 A Touch of Brimstone 1/7/91 FR3 17/05/1967 10:10pm Le club de l’enfer - Die Nacht der Sünder - - 3/12/80 C51 Un pizzico di zolfo - Un toque Diabólico
22 What the Butler Saw 20/06/1967 8:00pm 11/02/1967 8:35pm Les espions font le service 18/04/1967 9:15pm Butler sind gefährlich 19/04/1969 9:00pm Steed wordt butler 12/08/1969 9:00pm Cercate il maggiordomo (RAI 1) 28/08/1967 4:10pm Lo que el mayordomo vio
23 The House That Jack Built 6/7/91 FR3 - L’héritage diabolique - Das Häuschen im Grünen 20/08/1968 9:40pm Het huis van oom Jack 17/11/80 C51 Benvenuti a casa del povero Jack - La casa que jack construyó
24 A Sense of History 30/05/1967 8:00pm 8 22/10/1966 9:25pm L’économe et le sens de l’histoire 1/08/1967 9:15pm Robin Hood spielt mit 11/07/1968 8:55pm Het Europaplan - - 14/08/1967 4:10pm Un sentido de la Historia
25 How to Succeed .... at Murder 23/05/1967 8:00pm 8 3/12/1966 8:35pm Abus de confiance / Comment réussir un assassinat? - Mordet die Männer! 25/06/1968 9:10pm Moord in de zakenwereld 12/11/80 C51? Scuola di danza per delitto 7/08/1967 4:10pm Cómo tener éxito en el asesinato
26 Honey for the Prince 20/7/91 FR3 4/02/1967 9:20pm Du miel pour le prince 4/07/1967 9:15pm Honig für den Prinzen 8/08/1968 9:15pm Honig voor de prins 25/11/80 C51 Miele per il principe - Miel para el príncipe

  1. In Spain, The Master Minds was originally scheduled — and listed — for 14th February 1967 at 10:15pm but Nueve España indicates that it was pre-empted by The Town of No Return. The Master Minds was later broadcast on 12th June 1967 at 4pm.
  2. The Cybernauts appears to have never been broadcast in the Netherlands. There is an episode that was supposed to be broadcast on 14th November, 1967 entitled “De robot” but the episode synopsis given in the television listing is for Return of the Cybernauts. The episode was pre-empted by the broadcast of a football match between Feijenoord and Arsenal, and it was finally shown on 2nd December, 1967. It’s possible the listings were wrong, however, as Return of the Cybernauts was broadcast on 17th May, 1969 under the title “De terugkeer van de robots”.
  3. In Spain, Man-eater of Surrey Green was originally scheduled for 14th Match 1967 but replaced by The Cybernauts.
  4. There is an unofficial Spanish listing in an advertisement for television repairs that calls Two’s a Crowd Dos son multitud.
  5. Silent Dust was scheduled for May 2 1967 in the Netherlands, appearing in listings in Dagblad de Stem and Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant but is not in the listing for that date in Leidsh Dagblad — it seems the documentary about the Nazi Reichcommissar who install a reign of terror in The Netherlands during World War II, Wie was Arthur Seyss-Inquart? took two hours, as “Dodelijke mest” reappears a couple weeks later, on May 30 1967 — although different papers give different times of broadcast! Dagblad de Stem incorrectly says 9.20pm, giving The Avengers only half an hour, but Leidsh Dagblad says 9pm.
  6. Quick-Quick Slow Death does not appear in Italian listings in 1969 but A passo di danza is reported in the audience data for July 1969 as published in Radiocorriere on 4th October 1969. It seems likely that it was a stand-by programme used during the Apollo 11 coverage on 20 or 21 July, 1969. The Twilight Zone episode Would the Real Martian Please Stand Up? (Italian: Ai confini della realtà — Chi è il vero marziano?) was reportedly shown on July 20 1969 so it is perhaps more likely that this episode was shown on the 21st July. Both telefilms received high ratings in the October report, so it seems likely both benefited from being during the Apollo coverage. A passo di danza appears in a repeat run in 1979.
  7. There is an episode is listed for broadcast on 12th December 1967 in the Netherlands under the title “De vreesaanjagers” which could conceivably be The Danger Makers — but is more likely an early Dutch translation of the title for The Fear Merchants, later shown (9/8/1969) as “Handel in Angst”. Most listings for 12th December 1967 have “De autorally” (Dead Man’s Treasure instead so The Danger Makers may never have been shown in The Netherlands.
  8. Some Swiss newspapers (e.g. La Liberté) report A Sense of History being on 23rd May on ORTF2 and then again a week later on the 30th. But L’Impartial has Abus de confiance (How to Succeed .... at Murder) on the 23rd so it would seem that A Sense of History was moved down the order and pre-empted by the other episode.

The Spanish titles here are from contemporary newspaper listings and differ greatly from those used on DVD sets.

There was another episode scheduled to be broadcast in Spain on RTE-1 at 4:45pm on 10th July 1967 but it was pre-empted by an extended sports report which included Tour de France coverage (see below).

Italy only showed six episodes, and What the Butler Saw was a stand-by programme when the first episode of Paoloa Ojetti’s highly anticipated Italian production of Rebecca was pre-empted because of extended coverage of Italian parliamentary debate. La Stampa reported the substitution thus:

Chi aspettava l’attore italiano al varco del confronto con Laurence Olivier nell’interpretazione di Rebecca è rimasto deluso. In apertura di serata c’era un’avventura della serie «Agente speciale» intitolata Cercate il maggiordomo. Niente de eccezionale, un poco di poliziesco e di giallo conditi di notazioni umoristiche in attesa di una speciale edizione di «Oggi al Palamento».
Whoever was waiting to see the Italian comparison with Laurence Olivier in the interpretation of Rebecca was disappointed. Opening the evening was an adventure from the “Special Agent” series, entitled Look for the Butler. Nothing exceptional, a little detective thriller seasoned with humorous notations while we waited for a special edition of “Oggi al Palamento”.
Italy: La Stampa, August 13 1969, announcing that What the Butler Saw had replaced Rebecca on 12 August.
Spain: ABC Madrid, July 9 1970, announcing an episode on 10 July.
Spain: El Noticiero, July 9 1970, shows that the Tour de France coverage has taken the timeslot on 10 July.

Italy would not show any episodes again until Tele Torino International broadcast them in the 1980s — this meant Italian public television would not show any again until The New Avengers. Italian Avengers fans had to make do with broadcasts from surrounding countries such as France, Yugoslavia, and Switzerland. In the North they were lucky because Svizzera Italiana broadcast Series 5 in Italian (I think, or at least had them subtitled in Italian), from October 1973 to July 1974.

KRO in The Netherlands seemed unsure what to do with The Avengers and started very shakily — episodes could be six to eight weeks apart, or only 8 days, with no clear pattern. By late 1967 it had become a mix of episodes from series 4 and series 5. Most were shown on Tuesday nights but episodes were broadcast on every night of the week except Friday or Sunday.

Series 5

# Episode France Switzerland French title Germany German title Netherlands Dutch title Italiana Italian title Spain Spanish title
01 From Venus With Love 4/06/1968 10:20pm 1 11/03/1968 9:55pm Bon baisers de Vénus 24/10/1967 9:15pm Einmal Venus — hin und zurück 12/07/1969 9:10pm Met de groeten van Venus 16/11/1973 9:00pm da venere con amore 23/10/1967 4:10pm Desde Venus con amor
02 The Fear Merchants 9/07/1968 9:15pm 4/03/1968 9:25pm Les marchandes de peur 19/12/1967 9:15pm Schock frei Haus 9/08/1969 9:35pm De vreesaanjagers 2/Handel in angst 23/11/1973 9:45pm i mercanti di paura 2/10/1967 4:10pm Los comerciantes del miedo
03 Escape in Time 23/07/1968 8:30pm 8/07/1968 8:35pm Remontons le temps 26/09/1967 9:15pm Fahrkarten in die Vergangenheit 28/05/1968 9:10pm Vlucht in het verleden 5/07/1974 9:00pm fuga nel tempo 3 9/10/1967 4:20pm Escapatoria a tiempo
04 The See-Through Man 13/05/1968 8:35pm L’homme transparent 21/11/1967 9:15pm Die Durchsichtigen 2/04/1968 9:10pm En de onzichtbare man 11/01/1974 9:00pm l’uomo invisibile 4/09/1967 4:10pm El hombre invisible
05 The Bird Who Knew Too Much 16/07/1968 8:30pm 22/04/1968 9:15pm L’oiseau qui en savait trop 29/08/1967 9:15pm Ein Vogel, der zuveil wußte 18/01/1974 9:00pm il capitano crusoe 16/10/1967 4:10pm El pajarraco que sabía demasiado
06 The Winged Avenger 15/04/1968 9:15pm Le vengeur volant Der geflügelte Rächer 30/09/1969 9:10pm De gevleugelde wreker 10/05/1974 9:00pm il vendicatore alato 11/09/1967 6:02pm El vengador alado
07 The Living Dead 15/07/1968 9:35pm Le mort vivant 12/09/1967 9:15pm Der Geist des Duke von Benedict 15/02/1974 9:50pm il morto vivente 18/09/1967 4:10pm El muerto viviente
08 The Hidden Tiger 20/05/1968 8:45pm Le Tigre caché 5/12/1967 9:15pm Vorsicht Raubkatzen! 14/10/1969 9:45pm De verborgen tijger 28/12/1973 9:00pm la tigre nascosta 25/09/1967 4:10pm El tigre escondido
09 The Correct Way to Kill 30/07/1968 8:30pm 1/07/1968 8:40pm Meutre distingué 10/10/1967 9:15pm Kennen sie Snob? 7/10/1969 9:45pm Hoe wordt ik een snob? 14/12/1973 9:00pm un modo corretto di uccidere 6/11/1967 4:00pm La forma correcta de matar
10 Never, Never Say Die 13/10/1968 8:00pm 29/01/1968 9:10pm Interférences 7/11/1967 9:20pm Duplikate gefällig? 21/10/1969 9:10pm Ontmoeting met een dode / Onsterfelijk ? 28/06/1974 9:00pm gli indistruttibili 3 29/01/1968 4:10pm Jamás, pero jamás, digas: ¡muere!
11 Epic 6/08/1968 8:30pm 15/01/1968 9:10pm Caméra meutre 9/04/1968 9:15pm Filmstar Emma Peel 17/10/1967 9:00pm Gevallen steeren 24/05/1974 9:00pm una straordinaria avventura 30/10/1967 4:10pm Epopeya
12 The Superlative Seven 13/08/1968 8:30pm 17/06/1968 8:40pm 4 Le dernier des sept 12/03/1968 9:15pm Fliegen Sie mal ohne 21/12/1973 10:00pm uno su sette 27/11/1967 4:10pm Los siete superlativos
13 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station 20/08/1968 8:30pm 29/04/1968 9:15pm Une petite gare désaffectée 2/01/1968 9:15pm Diesmal mit Knalleffekt 28/12/1968 9:00pm Treintje spelen 15/03/1974 9:50pm servizio di sicurezza 20/11/1967 4:10pm Terror en el tren
14 Something Nasty in the Nursery 27/08/1968 8:30pm 8/04/1968 9:15pm Rien ne va plus dans la nursery 13/02/1968 9:15pm Eins, zwei, drei — Wer hat den Ball? 4/11/1969 9:45pm On rust in de kinderkamer 31/05/1974 9:00pm ritorno all’infanzia 3 13/11/1967 4:10pm Algo desagradable en la guardería
15 The Joker 24/06/1968 8:35pm Le Jocker 30/01/1968 9:15pm Weekend auf dem Lande 11/11/1969 9:55pm De joker 25/01/1974 9:00pm il jolly 11/12/1967 4:10pm El comodín
16 Who’s Who??? 27/05/1968 8:35pm Qui-suis je? 7/05/1968 9:00pm Wer ist wer? 28/10/1969 9:45pm Wie is wie 14/06/1974 9:00pm chi dei due? 3 4/12/1967 4:10pm ¿Quién es quién?
17 Return of the Cybernauts 8/01/1968 9:30pm Le retour des Cybernautes 16/01/1968 9:15pm Und noch einmal Roboter 2/12/1967 9:25pm 5 De robot 19/07/1974 9:00pm il ritorno del cibernauta 3 22/01/1968 4:10pm El retorno de los cibernautas
18 Death’s Door 22/01/1968 9:10pm La porte de la mort Der wahrgewordene Alptraum 9/01/1968 9:10pm De deur des doods 7/12/1973 9:00pm la porta della morte 15/01/1968 4:10pm La puerta de la muerte
19 The £50,000 Breakfast 15/09/1968 8:00pm 6 26/02/1968 9:15pm Un petit déjeuner trop lourd Wo der Hund begraben liegt 6/09/1969 8:52pm Het diamanten ontbijt 30/11/1973 9:00pm diamanti a colazione 5/02/1968 4:10pm El desayuno de las 50.000 libras esterlinas
20 Dead Man’s Treasure 3/09/1968 8:30pm 5/02/1968 9:30pm La chasse au trésor 23/04/1968 9:00pm Mit 160 aus dem Stand 12/12/1967 9:10pm De autorally 26/10/1973 9:00pm il tesoro del morto 7 8/01/1968 4:10pm El tesoro del muerto
21 You Have Just Been Murdered 22/09/1968 8:00pm 12/02/1968 8:50pm Meutres à épisodes 26/03/1968 9:15pm Sie wurden soeben ermordet 9/11/1973 9:00pm sei appena stato assassinato 12/02/1968 4:10pm Acaba usted de ser asesinado
22 The Positive Negative Man 29/09/1968 8:00pm 19/02/1968 9:15pm La dynamo vivante Der todbringende Anzug 12/07/1974 9:00pm il progetto 90 3 19/02/1968 4:10pm El hombre de energía positiva y negativa
23 Murdersville 6/10/1968 8:00pm 18/03/1968 9:40pm Le village de la mort Willkommen im Dorf des Todes 4/01/1974 9:00pm benvenuti a Little Storping 26/02/1968 4:10pm La villa del crimen
24 Mission… Highly Improbable 25/03/1968 9:40pm Mission très improbable 27/02/1968 9:15pm Hätten Sie’s nicht ein bißchen kleiner? 5/03/1968 9:10pm Een hoogstonwaarschijnlijke missie 21/06/1974 9:00pm (un) esperimento stupefacente 3 3/03/1968 4:10pm Misión altamente improbable
25 The Forget-Me-Knot 20/10/1968 8:00pm 15/04/1969 8:20pm Ne m’oubliez pas 11/08/1970 9:00pm Auf Wiedersehen, Emma 18/11/1969 9:10pm Afscheid van Emma Peel 26/07/1974 9:00pm il non ti scordar di me 3 6/10/1969 11:00pm Amnesia

  1. From Venus With Love is also listed in French listings for 2nd July 1968, so it may have been pre-empted from its original time slot.
  2. There is an episode listed for broadcast on 12th December 1967 in the Netherlands under the title “De vreesaanjagers” which could conceivably be The Danger Makers — but is more likely an early Dutch translation of the title for The Fear Merchants, later shown (9/8/1969) as “Handel in Angst”. Most listings for 12th December 1967 have “De autorally” (Dead Man’s Treasure instead so The Danger Makers may never have been shown in The Netherlands.
  3. Italian listings showed these episodes as being at 10pm rather than the 9pm in Swiss listings, as Italy observed Summer Time but Switzerland did not.
  4. The Superlative Seven was pre-empted on 10/6/68 by the documentary “L’attentat de Los Angeles”, about the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.
  5. Return of the Cybernauts appears on 14th November, 1967 entitled “De robot” as evidenced by the synopsis given in television listings . The episode was pre-empted by the broadcast of a football match between Feijenoord and Arsenal, and it was finally shown on 2nd December, 1967, again with the synopsis reference Beresford. It’s possible the listings were wrong, however, as Return of the Cybernauts was broadcast on 17th May, 1969 under the title “De terugkeer van de robots”. It is possible that these earlier schedules were for The Cybernauts and the synopses were incorrectly associated. That would mean this episode was first shown on 17/5/69 at 9pm.
  6. ORTF moved the Avengers to Sunday nights, starting from 15th September and “Les tremplins de l’ete” took the Tuesday night slot.
  7. Dead Man’s Treasure was originally scheduled for May 2 1973 in Italy but then delayed for 24 weeks.

The Spanish titles here are from contemporary newspaper listings and differ greatly from those used on DVD sets.

Swiss viewers in 1969 may have been confused as Suisse Romande showed The Forget-Me-Knot on 15th April 1969, sometimes mistitled as N’oubliez pas in TV listings, but on 10th April 1969 Allemande II (ZDF Germany) showed a music special called Vergißsmeinnicht — translated in French language newspapers as Ne m’oubliez pas.

Italy had no contemporary broadcasts of this series and did not show them until Tele Torino International broadcast them in the 1980s. Italian Avengers fans had to make do with broadcasts from surrounding countries such as France, Yugoslavia, and Switzerland. In the North they were lucky because Svizzera Italiana broadcast Series 5 in Italian from October 1973 to July 1974. As Italy had Summer Time and Switzerland did not, Italian listing showed several episodes at 10pm instead of 9pm, they are marked above.

TV Svizzera Italiana made Dead Man’s Treasure the first episode in their broadcast of series 5 episodes. According to Radiocorriere 18, 1973 (p. 81) it was originally scheduled for 8.40pm on 2nd May 1973, followed by Ritratti: John Kenneth Galbraith but these two shows were replaced by Modern Medicine and an episode of L’Uomo e la Citta (Journal de Genève, 2/5/1973, p.14 & Gazette de Lausanne, 2/5/1973, p.4). This episode was then rescheduled, still as the first episode for the run, nearly six months later on 26th October 1973 at 9pm.

Series 6

# Episode France Switzerland French title Germany German title Netherlands Dutch title Italy Italian title Spain Spanish title
00 The Forget-Me-Knot 20/10/1968 8:00pm 15/04/1969 8:20pm Ne m’oubliez pas 11/08/1970 9:00pm Auf Wiedersehen, Emma 18/11/1969 9:10pm Afscheid van Emma Peel 26/07/1974 9:00pm il non ti scordar di me 1 6/10/1969 11:00pm Amnesia
01 Game 18/10/1969 9:55pm 10/06/1969 8:25pm 2 Jeux 17/11/1970 9:00pm Puzzlespiel 17/02/1970 9:50pm Spelletjes 7/12/80 C51 Puzzle 16/02/1970 11:10pm Juego
02 Super Secret Cypher Snatch 25/10/1969 9:55pm 15/07/1969 8:45pm Le document disparu 8/09/1970 9:00pm Das Glaspflege-Institut 20/01/1970 10:00pm De Glazenwassers 23/12/80 C51 Scacco matto all’Ufficio Cifra 23/03/1970 11:00pm El robo de las claves secretas
03 You’ll Catch Your Death 22/11/1969 10:35pm 29/07/1969 8:25pm À vos souhaites! Tod per Post 31/03/1970 9:10pm Post voor U 23/12/81 C5 Lettere mortali 9/02/1970 11:10pm Muerte por correo
04 Split! 18/4/88 A2 26/08/1969 8:25pm Double personnalité Geist sucht Körper 7/04/1970 9:10pm Gespleten persoonlijkheid 11/12/80 C51 Doppio gioco? 13/10/1969 11:00pm Doble personalidad
05 Whoever Shot Poor George oblique Stroke XR40? 8/11/1969 9:55pm 8/07/1969 8:40pm Georges et Fred 22/09/1970 9:00pm Operation George 3/02/1970 10:00pm Wie vermoordde George? 20/1/82 C5 Chi ha ucciso il povero vecchio George? 3/11/1969 11:00pm El caso de George XR 40
06 False Witness 6/12/1969 10:05pm 22/07/1969 8:20pm Faux témoins Die Milch machts 9/10/1970 9:35pm De verrader 14/1/81 C51 Falsa testimonianza 16/03/1970 11:10pm Falso testigo
07 All Done with Mirrors 4/10/1969 9:55pm 2/09/1969 8:20pm Miroirs 25/08/1970 9:00pm Spieglein, Spieglein in der Hand 27/01/1970 9:50pm Spiegeltje, spiegeltje ann de wand… 21/12/80 C51 Specchi 2/02/1970 11:10pm Efectos de los espeios
08 Legacy of Death 24/5/80 TF1 12/08/1969 8:20pm Le legs Der Dolch der tausend Tode 3/03/1970 9:10pm De zeltzame dolk 28/11/80 C51 Testamento di morte 30/03/1970 11:10pm Herencia de muerte
09 Noon Doomsday 13/12/1969 10:05pm 9/09/1969 8:20pm Je vous tuerai à midi 1/12/1970 9:00pm Wenn es zwölf Uhr schlägt 24/02/1970 9:00pm De wraak van Kafka 6/1/82 C5 Appuntamento a mezzogiorno 8/12/1969 11:00pm Mediodía mortal
10 Look — (stop me if you’ve heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers… 27/12/1969 10:20pm Clowneries Vor Clowns wird gewarnt 28/04/1970 9:10pm Clowns en moordenaars 1982 C5 La sai quella dei due amici che… 1/06/1970 11:00pm Pero había una vez dos tipos…
11 Have Guns — Will Haggle 29/11/1969 10:05pm Un dangereux marché Biete Putsch — suche Waffen 24/03/1970 9:10pm Wappenroof 10/12/80 C51 Traffico d’armi 10/11/1969 11:00pm Revólver a la orden… ¿Quién da más?
12 They Keep Killing Steed 11/10/1969 9:55pm 17/06/1969 8:35pm 2 Mais qui est Steed? Wer ist John Steed ? 12/02/1971 9:36pm Steed in meervoud/Zevenmaal Steed 9/12/80 C51 Vogliono uccidere Steed! 15/12/1969 11:35pm Continúan matando a Steed
13 The Interrogators 23/1/82 TF1 Interrogatoires Mannerings Fragestunde 12/03/1971 9:36pm De ondervraagden 28/1/81 C51 Gli inquisitori Los Interrogadores
14 The Rotters 21/11/1970 8:35pm 1/07/1974 9:00pm Du bois vermoulu Durch und durch verrottet 23/10/1970 9:30pm De rotjongens 22/12/80 C51 Il mondo marcirà 11/05/1970 11:05pm Los corruptores
15 Invasion of the Earthmen 26/10/1973 8:35pm 29/04/1969 8:20pm L’invasion des Terriens Invasion der Erdenmenschen 21/05/1971 8:21pm De Alpha academie ??? Mimetizzazione 6/04/1970 11:10pm Invasión de los terricolas
16 Killer 12/10/1973 8:35pm 29/07/1974 8:55pm Meutre au programme REMAK 6/11/1970 9:35pm De computermoord 4/1/82 C5 Killer 20/04/1970 11:05pm Asesino
17 The Morning After 9/1/82 TF1 22/07/1974 8:50pm Le Matin d’après Sag mir, wo die Menschen sind 18/12/1970 9:35pm De volgende morgen 30/12/81 C5 Il giorno dopo El Día Después
18 The Curious Case of the Countless Clues 20/12/1969 10:05pm 20/05/1969 8:20pm 3 Trop d’indices 20/10/1970 9:00pm Die Indizienmörder 10/02/1970 8:20pm De zaak met de vele aanwijzingen 17/12/80 C51 Matasse 13/04/1970 11:10pm El curioso caso de las innumerables pistas
19 Wish You Were Here 1/11/1969 9:55pm 5/08/1969 8:20pm Étrange hôtel Willkommen im Shakespear’s Inn 14/04/1970 9:10pm Hotel met alle comfort 6/12/80 C51 Elizabethan Hotel 12/1/1970 10:35pm 4 Quisiera que estuvieras aqui
20 Stay Tuned 14/11/1970 8:35pm Le visage Urlaub auf Raten 7/05/1971 9:36pm Steed op vakantie 16/12/80 C51 Amnesia 2/03/1970 11:10pm No pierdan la onda
21 Take Me to Your Leader 28/11/1970 8:35pm L’homme au sommet Koffer, Koffer, du mußt wandern 25/03/1971 9:36pm Het koffer-mysterie 18/12/80 C51 Portami dal tuo capo 27/04/1970 11:10pm Condúzcame con cuidado
22 Fog 17/10/1970 8:35pm Fog 5 6/10/1970 9:00pm Club des Gaslichtmörders 29/01/1971 9:36pm Mist 7/1/81 C51 Nebbia 23/02/1970 11:10pm Niebla
23 Homicide and Old Lace 12/12/1970 8:30pm Homicide et vieilles dentelles 15/12/1970 9:00pm Mutters Erzählungen 2/07/1971 8:21pm Moord en oude kant 13/1/82 C5 Omicidio e vecchi merletti 29/12/1969 11:05pm Homicidio y encaje
24 Love All 7/6/80 TF1 Amour, quand tu nous tiens… 3/11/1970 9:00pm Herz ist Trumph 18/06/1971 8:21pm Liefde op het eerste gezicht 21/1/81 C51 Amore a prima vista 4/05/1970 11:05pm Amor para todos
25 Get-A-Way! 15/11/1969 10:00pm 20/05/1969 8:20pm 3 Les évadés du monastère Der Chamäleon-Faktor 17/03/1970 9:10pm Een glassje wodka 1982 C5 Evasione impossibile 17/11/1969 11:00pm Desaparición
26 Thingumajig 19/10/1973 8:35pm 8/07/1974 8:45pm Haute tension Vorsicht! Hochspannung! 9/04/1971 9:10pm Het geheimzinnige ding 24/12/80 C51 Roba da maghi 22/12/1969 11:05pm Mágica asesina
27 Pandora 5/12/1970 8:35pm 5/08/1974 9:15pm Pandora 6 Pandora 26/02/1971 9:36pm Pandora 1/2/82 C5 Pandora 5/01/1970 10:35pm Pandora
28 Requiem 24/10/1970 8:35pm Requiem Requiem 20/11/1970 9:05pm Requiem 5/12/80 C51 Requiem 26/01/1970 11:10pm Réquiem
29 Take-over 10/10/1970 8:35pm Noël en Février Stille Tage auf dem Land 4/06/1971 9:36pm De kleine operatie 1982 C5 Il complotto 18/05/1970 11:10pm Los intrusos
30 Who Was That Man I Saw You With? 31/10/1970 8:35pm Affectueusement vôtre Die Dame im Zentrum 23/04/1971 9:36pm Tara onder verdenking 18/1/82 C5 Chi era quell’uomo? 9/03/1970 11:10pm ¿Quién era el hombre que la acompafiaba?
31 My Wildest Dream 21/4/88 A2 19/08/1969 8:35pm Mon rêve le plus fou Therapie des Todes 21/04/1970 9:10pm Dromen zijn geen bedrog 25/12/80 C51 Ho sognato di uccidere 27/10/1969 11:00pm Sueño de muertes
32 Bizarre 19/12/1970 8:35pm 15/07/1974 8:55pm Bizarre Nächster Aufenthalt: Paradies 4/12/1970 12:00am De grote lijkenroof 14/12/80 C51 Prato felice 25/05/1970 11:00pm Fantástico

  1. The Forget-Me-Knot was broadcast on this date by TV Svizzera Italiana. Italian listings showed The Forget-Me-Knot as being at 10pm rather than the 9pm in Swiss listings, as Italy observed Summer Time but Switzerland did not.
  2. There is a great deal of confusion in Swiss newspapers in 1969. Most newspapers have Game (incorrectly called Yeux — “Eyes” instead of Jeux — “Games”) on June 10 1969 and They Keep Killing SteedMais qui est Steed? — on June 17 1969. L’Impartial and La Liberté confuse things as they have an extended summary for Game on June 17 1969, despite the listing saying it is Mais qui est Steed?. The Journal de Jura lists Yeux on 10 June, report on 16 June that Mais qui est Steed? will be shown tomorrow, then on 17 June their listing has Jeux, alongside a summary for the same episode — the same episode summary as in L’Impartial, so I assume it was supplied by TV Romande. Even more confusingly, Journal de Sierre does not show The Avengers on 10 June at all — and all the times for other programmes have changed. Mais qui est Steed? does not appear in the rest of the run that ends in September, so it seems most likely that some newspaper go the order wrong OR TV Romande switched the episodes around at the last moment, just as they may have done with the previous two episodes, Get-A-Way! and The Curious Case of the Countless Clues. This would explain why only some papers had a different listing and the reptition of Game. It is just possible that in some areas such as Vallais Game was pre-empted on 10 June and screened on 17 June instead, and those regions never saw They Keep Killing Steed at all.
  3. Get-A-Way! and The Curious Case of the Countless Clues are reported in different newspapers for the 6th and 20th May 1969 — although Gazette de Lausanne reports the mysterious Un succès mérité for the 6th. It looked at first to be a regional variation until La Liberté solved the problem and shows that Trop d’indices was pre-empted. They had corrected the listing to announce Les évadés du monastère in place of Trop d’indices but left a photo of Linda on the page labelled as being from Trop d’indices — and two weeks later has a photo from Get-A-Way! with a summary for The Curious Case of the Countless Clues… Given that the vast majority of Swiss newspaper have Get-A-Way! followed by The Curious Case of the Countless Clues, I have gone with that consensus.
  4. Wish You Were Here was originally scheduled as a stand-by on 1/12/69 around 11:00pm in Spain but must not have been used as it is in the schedule again at 10.35pm on January 12 1970.
    ABC Madrid reported:
    La serie “Los vengadores”, con el episodio “Quisiera que estuvieras aqui”, se emitira despues de “Los hombres saben.. los pueblos marchan” caso de que el boxeo se resolviese antes de lo previsto.
    The series “The Avengers”, with the episode “Wish you were here”, will be broadcast after “Men know… the towns march” in case the boxing is resolved earlier than expected.
  5. French contemporary listings for Fog all used the English title rather than the translation Brouillard now used on French releases.
  6. There are several Swiss listings that calls this episode Mademoiselle Pandora

The Spanish titles here are from contemporary newspaper listings and differ greatly from those used on DVD sets. Spain screen all but two episodes of this series, only bettered by the Netherlands, which showed every one. The Netherlands showed The Forget-Me Knot as the last episode of their last run of series 5 in November 1969 then swiftly returned the series to air in January 1970 for thirteen episodes. Another six episodes were shown in October-December 1970, then the remaining episodes were shown starting in late January 1971.

France showed The Forget-Me Knot as the last episode of their last run of series 5 in October 1968, then returned with a 13 episode run from 4 October to December 27 1969. A year later they showed another ten episodes from 10 October to December 19 1970. Three years later, they tried again, screening three episodes on October 1973. The remaining six episodes finally staggered onto French screens in the 1980s.

Switzerland fared worse, showing sixteen episodes in 1969, alternating with Canal 18–25, then five of those that had been missed in mid 1974. In Germany, ZDF decided it had had enough of the series after 10 episodes.

Swiss viewers in 1969 may have been confused as Suisse Romande showed The Forget-Me-Knot on 15th April 1969, sometimes mistitled as N’oubliez pas in TV listings, but on 10th April 1969 Allemande II (ZDF Germany) showed a music special called Vergißsmeinnicht — translated in French language newspapers as Ne m’oubliez pas.

Italy did not see this series until Tele Torino International broadcast them in the 1980s and Italian Avengers fans had to make do with broadcasts from surrounding countries such as France or Yugoslavia. Sadly, Svizzera Italiana did not broadcast this series either.

The New Avengers

# Episode France Switzerland French title Germany German title Netherlands Dutch title Italy Italian title Spain Spanish title
01 The Eagle’s Nest 22/01/1977 9:35pm 7/12/1976 8:25pm Le Repaire de l’Aigle Der Adlerhorst 28/10/1976 8:25pm Het Adelaarsnest 19/05/1978 8:40pm Il nido dell’aquila
02 House of Cards 30/12/1976 8:30pm 9/11/1976 8:25pm Le Château de Cartes 1/06/1978 9:45pm Herzdame 7/10/1976 8:25pm Kaarten des doods 1 2 26/05/1978 8:40pm La casa di carte
03 The Last of the Cybernauts...?? 21/12/1976 8:30pm 16/11/1976 8:15pm Le dernier des Cybernautes Das stählerne Monster 21/10/1976 8:25pm De laatste de Cybernauten 2 3 2/06/1978 9:15pm L’ultimo dei cibernauti 12/05/81
¿El último de los cibernautas?
05 Cat Amongst the Pigeons 8/01/1977 9:30pm 14/12/1976 8:15pm Un chat parmi les pigeons 12/01/1978 9:45pm Wie aus heiterem Himmel 11/11/1976 8:25pm Een kat tussen de duiven 15/06/1978 10:05pm Rapaci 2/08/81
Un gato entre las palomas
04 The Midas Touch 28/12/1976 8:30pm 23/11/1967 8:15pm Le Baiser de Midas 29/06/1978 9:45pm Gold 2 4 14/10/1976 8:25pm Midas 3/08/1978 10:05pm Il tocco di Mida 28/04/81
El toque de Midas
06 Target! 23/12/1976 8:30pm 22/03/1977 8:15pm Cible 20/04/1978 9:45pm Tödliches Training 30/12/1976 8:25pm Doelwit 8/06/1978 10:15pm Tiro al bersaglio 9/08/81
Ejercicio de tiro
07 To Catch a Rat 15/01/1977 9:32pm 30/11/1976 9:30pm Pour attraper un Rat 23/03/1978 9:45pm Die weiße Ratte 4/11/1976 8:25pm Ratten vangen 2 22/06/1978 10:05pm Caccia al topo 23/08/81
Coger una rata
08 The Tale of the Big Why 29/01/1977 9:30pm 29/03/1977 8:20pm La grande interrogation 27/07/1978 9:45pm Das geheimnisvolle Ypsilon 4 25/11/1976 8:25pm Het grote waarom 2 27/07/1978 10:05pm Storia di ipsilon
09 Faces 12/02/1977 9:30pm 12/04/1977 8:20pm Visages 23/02/1978 9:45pm Doppelgänger 9/12/1976 8:25pm Gezichten 2 6/07/1978 10:05pm I sosia 6/09/81
Los dobles
10 Sleeper 19/02/1977 9:47pm 19/04/1977 8:20pm Le «Z» 95 Schlaf über der Stadt 16/12/1976 8:25pm Slaap 31/08/1978 10:05pm Operazione silenzio 26/07/81
Gas letárgico
11 Three Handed Game 5/02/1977 9:35pm 4/04/1977 8:15pm Jeu à trois mains Drei minus eins gleich null 2/12/1976 8:25pm De Geheugenbank 2 20/07/1978 10:05pm Partita a tre mani 30/08/81
Juego a tres manos
12 Dirtier by the Dozen 5/03/1977 9:47pm 3/05/1977 8:20pm Commando très spécial Das dreckige Dutzend 6/01/1977 8:25pm De verdwenen generaal 24/08/1978 10:05pm Jack li pazzo 13/09/81
Comando especial
13 Gnaws 26/02/1977 9:32pm 26/04/1977 8:15pm Le monstre des égouts Das Ungeheuer 23/12/1976 8:25pm Knabbelaars 17/08/1978 10:05pm Paura sotto la città 19/07/81
El roedor
14 Dead Men are Dangerous 30/06/1979 8:35pm Méfiez-vous des morts! Tote Männer sind gefährlich 17/10/1977 8:25pm Gevaarlijke Lijken ?/4/80 I morti uccidono ancora 26/05/81
Los muertos son peligrosos
15 Angels of Death 21/07/1979 9:35pm Les anges de la mort Engel des Todes 31/10/1977 8:25pm Engelen van de dood 20/04/80
Gli angeli della morte 9/06/81
Los ángeles de la muerte
16 Medium Rare 7/07/1979 8:35pm Steed et la voyante Die Wahrsagerin 10/10/1977 8:25pm Het medium 26/04/80? Una medium preziosa 2/06/81
Una extraña médium
17 The Lion and the Unicorn 28/07/1979 8:35pm Le lion et la licorne Eine königliche Geisel 7/11/1977 8:25pm De Eenhoorn 12/04/80
Uno scambio difficile (TTI) 16/06/81
El león y el unicornio
18 Obsession 14/07/1979 8:38pm Obsession Der Rachefeldzug 24/10/1977 8:25pm Obsessie 13/04/80
Sabotaggio 21/04/81
La obsesión
19 Trap 23/06/1979 8:38pm Le piège Die Falle 29/09/1977 8:25pm De Val 2 21/04/80
La trappola 19/05/81
La trampa
20 Hostage 16/06/1979 8:35pm Otage Poker um Purdey 3/10/1977 8:25pm De gijzeling 2 14/04/80
L’ostaggio 5/05/81
21 K is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes 4/08/1979 8:40pm Le long sommeil
(1re partie : Le réveil de l’ours)
Der Drache erwacht 14/11/1977 8:25pm De M van Moord 27/04/80? K come killers
22 K is for Kill - Tiger by the Tail 11/08/1979 8:45pm Le long sommeil
(2e partie : La danse de l’ours)
Der Drache erwacht 21/11/1977 8:25pm De M van Moord 29/04/80? K come killers
23 Complex 18/08/1979 8:35pm Complexe X41 Der Meisterspion 28/11/1977 8:25pm Het Complex 20/04/80? La spia 23/06/81
24 The Gladiators 8/09/1979 8:40pm Les gladiateurs Die Kampfmaschin 5/12/1977 8:25pm De gladiatoren 17/04/80
I gladiatori
25 Forward Base 1/09/1979 8:40pm Bastion pirate Abenteuer in Kanada 12/12/1977 8:25pm De geheime basis NOT 13/04/80! In prima linea 5/07/81
Base avanzada
26 Emily 25/08/1979 8:40pm Emily Emily 19/12/1977 8:25pm Emily 17/04/80? Emily 12/07/81

  1. One Dutch newspaper lists House of Cards, the premiere episode, as De Kaarten des doods.
  2. These episodes had their worldwide premiere in the Netherlands.
  3. One Dutch newspaper perhaps incorrectly calls The Last of the Cybernauts...?? De laatste der Cybernauten.
  4. The Tale of the Big Why was cancelled by ARD and replaced by a Tom Jones special. There is some suggestion that they also cancelled the previous episode, The Midas Touch.

The Netherlands showed every episode of both series — in nine cases having the worldwide premiere, even before any ITV region in the UK broadcast them.
The Netherlands was so keen, KRO broadcast both House of Cards (October 7 1976) and The Midas Touch (October 14 1976) before any ITV company had started the domestic run, which commenced on Harlech on October 17 1976 with The Eagle’s Nest. Other stations followed on the 19th and 22nd.

Other countries were more lacklustre in their response:

Spain did reasonably well, taking ten episodes from each series but showed them as a combined single series, starting with mostly series 2 episodes.

Following the cancellation of Tale of the Big Why in Germany, ARD, which had announced a twelve part series of The New Avengers with much fanfare, then cancelled the series completely after only five or six episodes, and never showed any episodes from the second series. Local excitement had initially been high for the new series which started with Cat Amongst the Pigeons announced as the first of twelve episodes (under German law, Nazi imagery was illegal so ARD had not taken The Eagle’s Nest). Reception doesn’t seem to have been very good and I struggled to find newspapers that would list episode titles after the first one. Having four or five weeks between episodes doesn’t seem to have helped either. By June, there are reports that The Midas Touch was cancelled hours before it was due to be broadcast. Then, in July, the directors of ARD decided to curb screen violence and declared that Thursdays would become “krimifrei” . The first victim of the campaign would be The New Avengers:

Aktion „Sauberer Bildschirm” fordert heute das erste Opfer: …27.07.1978
John Steed muß die Melone nehmen - Tom Jones kommt als „Ersatzmann”

Der Beschluß der ARD-Intendanten, die Gewalt am Bildschirm drastisch einzudämmen, zeigt erste Wirkungen. Ab sofort bleibt der Donnerstag krimifrei. Erstes Opfer der Aktion „Sauberer Bildschirm”: die heutige Folge der Krimi- Reihe „Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone”. Sie sollte um 21.45 Uhr gezeigt werden. Statt dessen wird nun die Aufzeichnung einer Show mit Tom Jones ins Programm gerückt.

Auch der „Chef” wird nun donnerstags nicht, wie geplant, im Rollstuhl auf Gauner jagd gehen dürfen. Vom 31. August an sollte die beliebte Reihe wiederholt werden. Die erste Folge fällt nun dem Sport zum Opfer ? die ARD berichtet von der Leichtathletik-Europameisterschaft und von der Schwimm-Weltmeisterschaft.

„Das heißt für die Zukunft aber keineswegs, daß die Zuschauer ganz auf den ‚Chef’ oder andere Krimis verzichten müssen”, erläutert ARD-Pro grammdirektor Dietrich Schwarzkopf den Anti-Gewaltbeschluß der Intendanten.

„Und wir schalten auch nicht auf den total gewaltlosen Krimi um. Es geht vor 1 allem um eine Reduzierung der Krimis überhaupt.”

Das heißt: Pro Jahr werden die 13 Serien-Termine, die am Donnerstag um 21.45 Uhr für Krimis vorgesehen waren, und 26 Wiederholungstermine am späten Abend (23 Uhr) mit anderen Programmen gefüllt. Wann der „Chef”, John Steed, Purdey und Mike Gambit künftig zum Einsatz kommen, steht noch nicht fest. Schwarzkopf: „Wir prüfen, ob sie für andere Sendeplätze, etwa den späten Freitagabend, geeignet sind. Aber auch dann werden wir jede Folge noch einmal vorher anschauen.” . Auch das ZDF folgt nun dem Beispiel der ARD. Die für den Nachmittag geplante Westernserie „Josh” (mit US-Star Steve McQueen in der Rolle eines Kopfgeldjägers) erschien den Mainzer Programmverantwortlichen plötzlich als zu brutal. Von 17.10 Uhr soll „Josh” nun, laut ZDF-Pressechef Dr. Fritz Hufen, in den späten Abend rutschen. Die Nachmittagssendezeit bezeichnete Hufen als „Dispositionsfehler”, da die Serie in die „Empfindlichkeitszone” (in der die Kinder am Bildschirm sitzen) geraten sei. JA.

Action “clean screen” claims the first victim today: …27.07.1978
John Steed has to remove his bowler hat - Tom Jones comes as a “substitute”

The decision of the ARD directors to drastically curb violence on the screen is showing its first effects. From now on, Thursday will remain crime-free. First victim of the “clean screen” campaign: today’s episode of the crime series “The New Avengers”. It was supposed to be shown at 9:45 p.m. Instead, the recording of a show with Tom Jones will now be included in the program.

Even the “boss” will not be allowed to hunt crooks in a wheelchair on Thursdays, as planned. From August 31, the popular series should be repeated. The first episode now falls victim to sport? the ARD reports from the European Athletics Championships and the Swimming World Championships.

“But that doesn’t mean for the future that viewers will have to do without ‘Chef’ or other thrillers entirely,” says ARD program director Dietrich Schwarzkopf, explaining the directors’ anti-violence decision.

“And we’re not switching to totally non-violent crime shows either. It’s primarily about reducing crime shows in general.”

That means: per year, the 13 series dates that were scheduled for thrillers on Thursday at 9:45 p.m. and 26 repeat dates on late evening (11pm) filled with other programs. It is not yet certain when the “boss”, John Steed, Purdey and Mike Gambit will be used in the future. Schwarzkopf: “We are checking whether they are suitable for other slots, such as late Friday evening. But even then we will watch each episode again beforehand.” . ZDF is now also following the example of ARD. The western series “Josh” planned for the afternoon (with US star Steve McQueen in the role of a bounty hunter) suddenly seemed too brutal to the program managers in Mainz. According to ZDF press chief Dr. Fritz Hufen, slipping into the late evening. Hufen described the afternoon transmission time as a “scheduling error” because the series had gotten into the “sensitivity zone” (where the children sit in front of the screen). JA.

Germany: Hamburg Abendblatt announces the cancellation of The New Avengers

Italy’s public broadcaster RAI showed every episode of series 1 except Sleeper (the fools!) and declined to take an option on series two which ended up in the clutches of private television. Newspaper listings for the private stations are generally poor, so most of the dates for series two are questionable.

France:. France, having put up most of the money to pay the The New Avengers, showed every episode enthusiatically.

  • French dates are for Télévision Française 1 (TF1) Paris, taken from Le Monde Diplomatique. They differ slightly from those for Lyon (as reported by Swiss newspapers such as Feuille D’Avis de Neuchâtel L’Express, L’Impartial and Le Temps).

    Feuille D’Avis de Neuchâtel L’Express seems to incorrectly report Jeux à trois mains (Three Handed Game) as being shown on 12 février 1977 at 21.30 as other newspapers for that date report that Visages (Faces) was shown.

    Series 1

    To Catch a Rat 15 janvier 1977 21h35 15 janvier 1977 21h30
    The Eagle’s Nest 22 janvier 1977 21h45 22 janvier 1977 21h35
    Three Handed Game 5 février 1977 21h30 5 février 1977 21h45
    Sleeper 19 février 1977 21h35 19 février 1977 21h45
    • Sleeper was originally scheduled for 21h50 in Paris, then moved to 21h30.

    Series 2

    Paris was originally going to follow the same timeslot as Lyon, with L’Otage (Hostage) initially scheduled for 20h35, but TF1 Paris elected to continue with their variety programme at 20h35 and showed every episode at 21h35 instead. Variations from that time are listed below.

    The Lion and the Unicorn 28 juillet 1979 21h35 27 juillet 1979 20h35
    K is for Kill part 1 4 août 1979 21h45 4 août 1979 20h40
    K is for Kill part 2 11 août 1979 21h40 11 août 1979 20h45
    Complex 18 août 1979 21h45 18 août 1979 20h35
    Emily 25 août 1979 21h35 25 août 1979 20h40
    Forward Base 1 septembre 1979 21h40 1 septembre 1979 20h40
    Gladiators 8 septembre 1979 21h40 8 septembre 1979 20h40
    • Lyon moved The Lion and the Unicorn a day earlier than the usual schedule but Paris did not.
    • Gladiators was originally scheduled for 21h25 in Paris, then moved back to 21h40.
    • Emily went the other way, originally scheduled for 21h45 and brought forward to 21h35.

Additions/corrections? Drop me a line at letter ((a)) dissolute·com·au. Any information on the dates and titles for other countries is most welcome.


Unless otherwise marked, all the French original TX dates are for deuxieme channel ORTF. This was the original run; as you can see, many were left out.
A2 = Antenne 2.
TF1 = Télévision Français 1.

The German dates refer to the original screening of the series on ZDF — Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen — those that weren’t screened were all screened in 1993 on SAT 1; possibly with the exception of “The Murder Market” which may never have been shown at all.

Italian TX dates -
RAI = RAI Programma Nazionale
C51 = Canale 51 Lombardia
RTSI TV = RTSI TV Svizzera Italiana

The original Dutch screenings were by KRO (Katholieke Radio Omroep — a Catholic broadcaster) on either Nederland 1 or Nederland 2 — Dutch broadcasters shared the two channels at the time. The rescreenings in 1993 were by Veronica, a youth-oriented broadcaster.

All the original TX dates are from UK broadcasts except for:

  • "The See-Through Man" which was first broadcast by ABC (USA). It was first shown in the UK on 4/02/67.
  • "The Winged Avenger" which was first broadcast by ABC (USA). It was first shown in the UK on 18/02/67.
  • "The Forget -Me-Knot" which was first broadcast by ABC (USA). It was first shown in the UK on 12/12/69.

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