The Avengers

Square Root of Evil

Rescues Mastermind
Male lead Female lead Both leads killed arrested
Episode Rescues Diabolical Mastermind Body count (S/E)
From Venus With Love Mrs. Peel is strapped to a surgeon’s chair and threatened with death by laser beam Primble is killed by his laser beam 6
The Fear Merchants Mrs. Peel is strapped to a lie detector chair and rescued by Steed - 3
Escape in Time Mrs. Peel is locked in some stocks by Thyssen Thyssen and his gang are arrested 6
The See-Through Man Mrs. Peel is captured but escapes Brodney and defeats Elena Probably escape with diplomatic immunity… 3
The Bird Who Knew Too Much Mrs. Peel is chloroformed then bound and gagged in a chair facing a revolver which will fire when the door is opened Cunliffe and his gang are arrested 3
The Winged Avenger - Packer plummets to his death when fighting Mrs. Peel on the ceiling 7
The Living Dead Mrs. Peel escapes her cell and rescues Steed from the firing squad The invading army are trapped underground and presumably later captured 12
The Hidden Tiger Steed is strapped to a chair and rescued by Emma before the cats around him turn into killers Manx is probably killed in the car crash, the status of Angora and Peters is unknown 7
The Correct Way to Kill - Nutski is killed by Emma’s foil and his ‘army’ rounded up 9
Never, Never Say Die Mrs. Peel is captured with Dr. James, and freed by Steed but it is Dr. James who saves both of them by jamming the replicants’ electrics The replicants are disabled with a transistor radio 2
Epic Mrs. Peel is kidnapped and eventually rescued by Steed - that’s the plot! Schnerk and his cast are captured 3
The Superlative Seven Mrs. Peel saves Steed from being killed by Wade Jason Wade is killed in duplicate and Jessel arrested after he shoots Kanwitch 8
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station - The ticket collector and his staff are arrested 6
Something Nasty in the Nursery - Goat is shot by Wilmot 5
The Joker Mrs. Peel is trapped in an isolated house with an ancient nemesis… Prendergast and Ola are presumably arrested 1
Who’s Who??? - Basil and Lola, and Krelmar, no doubt, are arrested 8
Return of the Cybernauts Steed frees Emma from Beresford’s cybernising watch Beresford is killed by the cybernaut and Benson is probably arrested 6
Death’s Door - Stapley and his plotters are arrested but Becker dies 4
The £50,000 Breakfast - The plotters are all arrested 3
Dead Man’s Treasure Mrs. Peel is forced to drive an electrified car but is rescued by Steed Mike is knocked out and arrested 4
You Have Just Been Murdered Steed bursts in as Needle is planning to interrogate her Needle may have died in the explosion, his surviving gang members are arrested 3
The Positive Negative Man Mrs. Peel is bound and gagged and strapped to an electrified table, wrapped in foil Cresswell and Haworth are killed 6
Murdersville Steed rescues Mrs. Peel after she is dunked in the village pond then chained up in a chastity belt The villagers are arrested, except Dr. Haymes who is killed by Mrs. Peel 8
Mission: Highly Improbable Steed and Emma take turns at rescuing each other from the ambassadorial study Schaeffer and Chivers are miniaturised and captured 2
The Forget-Me-Knot - Burton is arrested when he forgets to escape 0

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