Ministry Personnel in The Avengers

Ministry records clerks have rearchived the summary records.
Departmental records are divided by operational period, according to the number of records for those periods.

Thus, the early to mid 1960s are represented by files representing two year periods, but starting in mid 1968 these have been replaced by yearly reports.

Please note

  • the records for to 1960 1962 are incomplete - Special Branch and constabulary will be added soon,
  • the records for to 1970 1975 are missing,
  • there is not, nor has ever been, a state body called "The Ministry", despite what a lot of people, particularly American operatives, think.
    The British habit of referring to an entity by a generic term appears to be the source of the confusion.
    Steed’s Department of Counter-espionage, Infilitration, Larceny and Expropriation (DOCILE), normally referred to by operatives and officials as ‘the department’, ‘the outfit’, or ‘the organisation’ was a department of the Ministry of Security (as indeed are M9, MI5, MI6, MI12 and other bodies). Operatives often introduced themselves to the heads of other departments or other operatives as being from the Ministry or from Security as a linguistic shorthand, and occasionally as part of their cover - people are more amenable to a bureaucrat from the Ministry of Trade than they are to a security agent.

This department commenced operations prior to 1960 — perhaps as a counter to the German threat of 1914, although this is unsubstantiated - and appears to have merged with other departments in 1978 although there are rumours of a reactivation around 1998; records for dates outside this archive may be obtained from M9, MI5, MI6, MI12, M9, CI5, SIS, The Foreign Office, The Home Office, Special Branch, & New Scotland Yard, depending on the sphere of operations.

You may access these archives via the links below.

(pre-1960) 1960–1 1962–3 1963–4 1965–6 1967–8 1968 1969 (1970–5) 1976 1977 (post-1978)

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