The Avengers

Square Root of Evil

Rescues Mastermind
Male lead Female lead Both leads killed arrested
Episode Rescues Diabolical Mastermind Body count (S/C/M/V)
Mr. Teddy Bear Cathy is trapped by Mr. Teddy Bear and rescued by Steed Mr. Teddy Bear dies after taking his own death pill 3
Propellant 23 Steed and Cathy are held at gunpoint by Manning but manage to overcome the villains Manning and Siebel are presumably arrested 1
The Decapod Venus is rescued from the clutches of Ito President Borb is killed by his own ambassador 4
Bullseye - Miss Ellis and her conspirators are arrested 3
Mission to Montreal - Brand kills Nicholson, Carla, Sheila & Brand are arrested 3
The Removal Men Steed and Venus are held at gunpoint in Les Centaurs until Steed managed to overpower Siegel Siegel is killed, the Dragnas are presumably arrested 4
The Mauritius Penny Cathy manages to escape from the stamp shop, and she and Steed are later held up at the conference, but managed to overpower their captors The fascist leaders are arrested 2
Death of a Great Dane Cathy arrives to rescue Steed but is recognised, they combine their forces to turn the tables on the villains The crooked financiers are rounded up 2
The Sell-Out Martin saves Steed from being shot in the back Harvey is killed in a struggle with Steed and the gunman is arrested 3
Death on the Rocks Cathy is cornered by Daniels and Liza but overpowers them when Daniels runs out of ammunition Daniels, Fenton and the gang are arrested; Daniels is shot by Cathy 3
Traitor in Zebra - Franks is arrested after being forced to defuse his own bomb, he had previously killed his co-conspirator, Rankin 3
The Big Thinker Cathy and Dr. Kearns are trapped inside Plato and subjected to sub-zero temperatures, they’re rescued when Steed raises the alarm Dr. Farrow is electrocuted when he tries to destroy Plato 3
Death Dispatch Cathy is captured by Rosas and Steed is recognised when he comes to rescue her, they escape by threatening to kill Rosas’ daughter Rosas and Monroe are arrested 2
Dead on Course Dr. King is captured and later freed by the good nun, Isobel The ‘mother superior’ is killed and the rest of the gang are rounded up 4
Intercrime Cathy is revealed to be an impostor and locked in the storeroom from which she is recused by Steed The London office of Intercrime is closed. 3
Immortal Clay Cathy is held at gunpoint by the villains and rescued by Steed de Groot and Blomberg are arrested 2
Box of Tricks Steed and Kathy are locked in Gery’s dressing room but he manages to break the lock Gerry and Dr. Gallam are arrested 2
Warlock Steed is captured and locked in a cell while Cathy becomes the focus of a rite; Steed escapes his confinement and rescues her Cosmo Gallion suffers a heart attack and dies… or does he??? 4
The Golden Eggs Cathy saves herself from Redfern by threatening to throw the virus-bearing eggs at him Redfern and his gang are arrested 4
School For Traitors Steed pretends to be under the power of Ted so that he and Ted can capture the villains Dr. shanklin, Higby and Claire are arrested 3
The White Dwarf Cathy is briefly held at gunpoint by Max Max kills Cartright when he confesses, and is then run to earth by Steed 3
Man in the Mirror Steed and Venus are locked in the control room with a bomb operated by an auto-returning turntable The Trevelyans are arrested and the conspirators rounded up 2
Conspiracy Of Silence Cathy and Rickie are held at gunpoint by sica while Carlo and Terry are disposing of Steed, but Carlo turns the gun on Terry Terry is killed by Carlo and Sica is arrested 1
A Chorus of Frogs Venus is captured by Anna when she tries to send Steed’s telegram and rescued when Helena and Steed storm the lab Anna is captured but one member of her gang is killed 3
Six Hands Across a Table Cathy is implicitly under the guard of Waldner and Stanley, but they never force the issue Waldner and Stanley are arrested 1
Killer Whale Cathy is captured when she tries to rescue Joey, and they’re locked in the perfume lab; she frees them by breaking a bottle to cut their ropes and contrives to outwit the lab assistant Pancho and Fernand are arrested at the studio, then the rest of the gang are overpowered at the gym 2

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