The Avengers

Square Root of Evil

Rescues Mastermind
Male lead Female lead Both leads killed arrested
Episode Rescues Diabolical Mastermind Body count (S/E)
The Town of No Return Mrs. Peel is bound and gagged, strapped to a saddle in the smithy from which she is untied by Steed The invading army are trapped below ground 4+
The Gravediggers Mrs. Peel is bound to a railway line and rescued by Steed Johnson and his gang are arrested 1
The Cybernauts - Armstrong is killed by a cybernaut and Benson is arrested 4
Death at Bargain Prices Mrs. Peel is bound and gagged, and trussed inside a carpet, from which she is freed by Steed Kane and some of his gang are killed, and the rest arrested 4
Castle De’Ath Mrs. Peel is locked in the basement for the night Angus is killed and his surving gang members arrested 6
The Master Minds - Holly Trent and her co-conspirators are arrested 2
The Murder Market Mrs. Peel is buried alive - or so we think… Mrs. Stone and her gang are arrested 2
A Surfeit of H2O Mrs. Peel is bound and gagged, and trapped inside a wine press from which Steed rescues her Sturm and his plotters are arrested 4
The Hour that Never Was Mrs. Peel is bound and gagged and tied to a dentist chair from which Steed rescues her Lees is unmasked and captured 2
Dial a Deadly Number - Harvey, Jago and their accomplices are arrested 5
Man-eater of Surrey Green Mrs. Peel is hypnotised by the plant and rescued by Steed dousing her in pesticide The man-eater is poisoned 22
Two’s a Crowd - PSEV are killed 5
Too Many Christmas Trees - Jenkins and Storey are killed, and the rest are presumably captured 4
Silent Dust Mrs. Peel is tied to a tree and horsewhipped by Juggins; Steed rescues her by clobbering him with an anti-violence placard. The farmers are arrested 1
Room without a View Steed rescues Mrs. Peel from an interrogation cell - 1
Small Game for Big Hunters - The colonialists are arrested 1
The Girl from Auntie Mrs. Peel is abducted and put up for auction, she’s rescued by Steed Gregorio Auntie and his gang are arrested 11
The Thirteenth Hole Mrs. Peel is cuffed to a chair and rescued by Steed Dr. Adams and the conspirators are arrested 2
Quick-Quick Slow Death - The dance school is closed down for good 5
The Danger Makers Mrs. Peel is forced to walk along an electrified course, but emerges unscathed Dr. Long is killed and his gang surrender 6
A Touch of Brimstone - Cartney dies when he tries to take on Mrs. Peel 3
What the Butler Saw - Moran is arrested 4
The House That Jack Built Mrs. Peel is trapped in the house - that’s the plot! Keller was already dead 3
A Sense of History - Grindley and his young fascists are arrested 3
How to Succeed .... at Murder - Henry is shot and his early girl power experiment is halted 14
Honey for the Prince - Arkadi is arrested 5

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