The Fashion Guide to The Avengers

John Steed in Series 5 (1967–8) Page 6

Green polo shirt

He wears a green polo-neck shirt and black trousers.

Worn in:

Purple silk dressing gown

He wears a purple patterned silk dressing-gown over his charcoal pinstriped suit and red tie.

Worn in:

Grey suit

He wears a single-breasted two-piece suit with notch collar, darker than his other grey suits. It has square flap pockets on the waist and the breast is slit; a single hard button fastenes the waist and there are two vents in the skirt. He completes the look with a grey bowler hat and umbrella, and black Chelsea boots.

Worn with:

Grey 3-piece suit

He wears a grey single-breasted 2-piece suit. The cut is modish Sixties — the jacket is fastened with a single hard button and the skirt has one long vent; there is no waistcoat. The jacket has a notch collar, the upper portion of which is felted. The two waist pockets and breast pocket are square cut flap pockets.

Worn in:

Ties and cravats

For your greater edification and shopping pleasure, here’s a picture of every tie and cravat John Steed wears in Series 5.

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