The Fashion Guide to The Avengers

John Steed in Series 5 (1967–8) Page 5

Waterloo generals’ uniform

He wears the costume of an officer of Wellington’s army at Waterloo - red coat with a blue facing with gold frogs and buttons, and gold epaulettes. The outfits has white breehces, a white sash and white gloves with a brown belt, it is completed by a black bicorn hat with the red and white feathers of a general.

Worn in:

Pale brown striped suit

He wears a pale brown single-breasted suit with brown ans sky blue pin-striping. It’s worn with a pale blue shirt and copper silk tie. The jacket has a notch collar and slit breast pocket, single button on the cuff; it appears to have two buttons on the chest to fasten but he doesn’t stand up so we can’t see how many vents there are.

Worn in:

Blue suit

He wears a cheap blue serge suit (baggy cut, three buttons on the chest, square slit pockets) with a white shirt pinstriped in blue and red, and a light blue bow tie. “Who’s he?”, you ask? That’s John Steed - in the body, and clothes, of enemy agent ‘Basil’. At one point, he tries to put his bowler hat on and discovers it doesn’t fit his new head.

Worn in:

Charcoal pin-striped 3-piece suit

He wears a charcoal pin-striped single-breasted 2-piece suit. The cut is modish Sixties - the jacket is fastened with three hard buttons and the skirt has two long vents; there is no waistcoat. The two waist pockets are slanted flap pockets and the breast pocket is slit with a hem.

Worn in:

Black overcoat

He wears a black overcoat.

Worn in:

Brown jacket, beige trousers

He wears a straight-cut brown sports coat with belted back and long single vent, no waist pockets, slit breast pocket with beige trousers.

Worn with:

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