The Fashion Guide to The Avengers

John Steed in Series 5 (1967–8) Page 2

Charcoal overcoat

He wears a suit-length double-breasted pinstriped charcoal overcoat with peak collar and slanted flap pockets on the flared waist.
He appears to be wearing one of his grey suits underneath but it’s not clearly visible (it’s probably the one with the felt collar, as he wears it again later in the episode), all you can see is the white shirt and purple patterned tie.

Worn in:

Light grey suit with felt collar

He wears a single-breasted pale grey suit with notch collar, the upper portion is covered in velvet. The jacket has no breast pocket, and two slanted slit waist pockets; the skirt has two short vents.

Worn in:

Fawn overcoat

He wears a knee-length single-breasted fawn overcoat with notch collar, the upper portion of which is covered in felt, and has concealed buttons. It has square flap pockets on the waist.

Worn with:

  • The Fear Merchants : brown bowler, beige trousers, dark brown coin-motif tie, cream shirt, borwn suede Chelsea boots
  • The Fear Merchants : brown bowler, charcoal suit, purple patterned tie, pink shirt (the tie is later a plain dark purple)
  • The Winged Avenger : brown bowler over dark grey sb herringbone suit, flap breast, cream shirt, crimson tie with small black spot, pale grey socks, tan suede shoes
  • The Living Dead : brown bowler, black umb, red tie w tie pin, wh sh, charc suit?
  • Epic : brown bowler, black umb, wh sh, red cravat, charcoal chalk st suit, brown gloves
  • Who’s Who??? : brown bowler & umbrella over grey suit, white shirt, copper tie

Taupe blazer, green waistcoat

He wears a single-breasted woollen blazer in a deep taupe or brown marle. It’s accessorised with a dark bottle green waistcoat with brass buttons and beige trousers, normally with a white shirt and ocassionally with a brown bowler hat.

Worn with:

  • The Fear Merchants : white shirt, gold tie, light brown bowler hat, black umbrella
  • Escape in Time : pale khaki shirt, dark green and bronze tie, brown bowler and chelsea boots, black umbrella
  • The Hidden Tiger :pale brown shirt, deep gold tie, brown bowler and chelsea boots, black umbrella
  • The Correct Way to Kill : white shirt, green & bronze tie, brown bowler and chelsea boots, black umbrella, mustard handkerchief
  • Never, Never Say Die : white pinstripe shirt, dark brown cravat, brown bowler and chelsea boots, black umbrella
  • Epic : white pinstripe shirt, gold tie & handkerchief, beige slipon shoes, grey socks
  • The Superlative Seven : pale green shirt, patterned dark brown tie, grey socks, brown chelsea boots

Brown 3-piece suit

He wears a brown single-breasted 3-piece suit with felt collar. The cloth is ribbed — herringbone, perhaps, or a pinstriping — and the jacket has a single soft button at the waist, no external pockets, and a single vent in the skirt. The cut is almost identical to his navy suit with covered buttons. This suit was worn extensively in Series 4 but only has a few outings in Series 5.

Worn in:

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