The Fashion Guide to The Avengers

John Steed in Series 5 (1967–8) Page 3

Grey 3-piece suit

He wears a grey single-breasted 3-piece suit. The cut is modish Sixties - the jacket is fastened with three hard buttons, the skirt has two long vents and the waistcoat has lapels. The two waist pockets are slanted flap pockets and the breast pocket is slit with a hem. This suit twice caused a continuity error, with wardrobe mixing it up with its near-identical twin with triangular pockets.

Worn in:

Pale grey double-breasted suit

Steed’s only double-breasted suit for series 5 is a dandified excess. Tailored in exquisite pigeon grey, this double breasted suit has an over-exaggerated skirt, flared widely at the hips coupled with a sharply tailored waist to accentuate the manly figure. The jacket has a peak collar, the upper part of which is felted, and the waist sports two slanted flap pockets. There is no breast pocket and the four button are superbly matched in colour to the cloth. The back of the skirt has two long vents. A pale grey bowler hat and umbrella and matching grey suede Chelsea boots complete the look.

Worn with:

Georgian costume

He wears the costume of a Georgian nobleman - grey knee-length coat with pale grey frogs and piping, velvet collar and cuffs, and purple lining; a lacey frilled white shirt, cream brocaded waistcoat with silver buttons, tight black hose and silver-buckled black shoes.

Worn in:

Light grey suit with triangluar pockets

He wears a single-breasted pale grey suit with notch collar. The jacket has a lined slit breast pocket, and two flap waist pockets; the top of the flap is slanted but the edge is cut square, making the flaps triangluar. The jacket is fastened with three hard grey buttons and the skirt has two vents, the waistcoat appears to have eight hard buttons, but some pictures seem to suggest six.
This suit appeared in about a quarter of the episodes of series 5. Wardrobe ocassionally confused this suit with another grey suit with slanted flap pockets, resulting in continuity errors.

Worn in:

Charcoal overcoat

He wears a thigh-length single-breasted charcoal chalk striped overcoat with notch collar. It has square slit pockets on the waist, and additional gentleman’s pocket on the righthand side; there is a long vent in the skirt.

Worn with:

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