• Opening titles: The Avengers superimposed on a pixelated bowler hat silhouette with lighning strikes coming from behind it
  • Steed walks down the cobbled pavement of a country village, impeccably dressed in a pinstriped suit and bowler hat
  • Sir August and Mrs Peel look at his prize orchid, Sir August's face massively enlarged by the magnifying disc in front of it
  • Evil Emma, in her fur coat, fires a black spear gun at Steed who is off-camera
  • Sir August, with his back to us, addresses a room full of people in different coloured teddy bear costumes.
  • A swarm of robotic drone wasps attack Mrs Peel's blue E-type Jaguar
  • Overhead view of Mrs Peel running around the impossibly Escher=style infinite staircase
  • Sir August is seen on multiple screeens shouting at the World Council, he is in full formal Scottish attire
  • Steed draws the sabre from within his umbrella as he prepares to face Sir August
  • A lighning bolt strikes one of the faces of the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, causing glass to shatter from all sides

The Avengers (1998)

by Don MacPherson
Directed by Jeremiah Chechik


director Jeremiah S. Chechik (as Jeremiah Chechik)
writer Don MacPherson
executive producer Susan Ekins
producer Jerry Weintraub
Music by Joel McNeely
Cinematography by Roger Pratt
Film Editing by Mick Audsley
Casting By Susie Figgis
Production Design by Stuart Craig
Art Direction by Andrew Ackland-Snow
Art Direction by Mark Harris
Art Direction by Michael Lamont
supervising art director Neil Lamont
Set Decoration by Stephenie McMillan
Costume Design by Anthony Powell
hair stylist Kay Georgiou
supervising mould maker Giacomo Iovino
makeup artist: Ms. Thurman (as Peter King) (hair stylist: Ms. Thurman) Peter Swords King
key hair stylist Paolo Mantini
key makeup artist Daniel Parker
makeup artist Jeremy Woodhead
post-production supervisor Stephen Barker
production manager: second unit Michael Murray
production manager Gerry Toomey
production manager: model unit (as Susie Ford) Suzie F. Wiesmann
second unit director Vic Armstrong
assistant second unit director (as Peter Bennett Sr.) Peter Bennett
third assistant director Max Brown
third assistant director Thomas Guard
second unit director Harvey Harrison
third assistant director Christopher Mullane
first assistant director Terry Needham
second assistant director Adam Somner
second unit director Arthur Wooster
assistant director Chris Steenolsen
assistant director: second unit / third assistant director Phil Stoole
scenic artist Brian Bishop
art department assistant Alastair Bullock
model artist: model unit Max Dennison
concept artist Sylvain Despretz
paint foreman Kavin Hall
art director: Cinesite (as Lubo Hristow) Lubo Hristov
stand-by propman Gary Ixer
graphic designer Carol Kupisz
art director: second unit Simon Lamont
art department assistant Nicola Levinsky
assistant art director Dominic Masters
assistant set decorator Miraphora Mina
assistant art director Jim Morahan
assistant scenic artist David Packard
construction foreman (as Kenny Pattenden) Ken Pattenden
assistant set decorator Brian Read
construction coordinator Michael Redding
storyboard artist Denis Rich
assistant art director Lucinda Thomson
art department coordinator Sara-Jane Valentine
art department assistant (as Alex Walker) Alexandra Walker
property master Barry Wilkinson
stand-by prop Jamie Wilkinson
stand-by prop Simon Wilkinson
storyboard artist Tony Wright
draughtsman Michael Boone
storyboard artist Sylvain Despretz
draughtsman Peter Dorme
prop making James Enright
assistant art director Peter Francis
draughtsman Alan Gilmore
model maker Peter Lee
draughtsperson Stephen Morahan
draughtsman Cyrille Nomberg
set dresser Kenneth Sayers
storyboard artist Bill Stallion
carpenter Daniel Thompson
propmaker Carl Wilson
boom operator Matthew Desorgher
sound maintenance Stephen Gilmour
assistant sound editor Guy Hake
studio sound technician Steve Hancock
supervising sound editor Peter Joly
dialogue editor Danny Longhurst
re-recording mixer Mike Prestwood Smith
re-recording mixer / sound effects editor Adrian Rhodes
assistant sound editor Mark Rose
foley editor Ian Wilson
sound mixer Clive Winter
sound effects recordist Stuart Wilson
special effects Jonathan Angell
modeller Mark Beverton
special effects John Brown
senior special effects technician Gary Cohen
special effects (as Mike Dawson) Michael Dawson
special effects Kevin Draycott
special effects Rodney Fuller
special effects John Holmes
special effects Rob Malos
special effects Kevin Mathews
special effects Brian Morrison
special effects Roger Nichols
special effects coordinator second unit Paul Whybrow
special effects supervisor Joss Williams
special effects coordinator second unit Ian Wingrove
supervising modeller: props Mark Woollard
model maker Mitch Barnes
model maker Brian Best
special effects Duncan Capp
special effects technician Paul Clancy
special effects technician Garry Cooper
snow effects supervisor Dave Crownshaw
special effects assistant Keith Dawson
special effects crew Paul Dunn
special effects technician Manex Efrem
snow effects technician Roland Hathaway
special effects technician: model unit Doug McCarthy
model maker Peter Norcliffe
animatronic engineer Benjamin Palmer
snow effects technician Mark Raymond
special effects crew Matthew Roberts
special effects technician Shaun Rutter
model maker Paul Scotson
sculptor Colin Shulver
special effects technician Andy Simm
special effects assistant Jody Taylor
special effects technician Neil Toddy Todd
model unit technician David Watkins
supervisor: action unit Andy Williams
2D digital artist: digital unit Helen Ball
effects animation designer: digital unit (as Steve Begg) Steven Begg
digital effects producer: Cinesite Alex Bicknell
special effects floor supervisor: model unit Ian Biggs
model supervisor: model unit Nigel Blake
video operator: model unit Gary Blowfield
digital supervisor: digital unit Angus Cameron
assistant production supervisor: model unit David Carrigan
3D animator: Cinesite (as Charles Cash) Chas Cash
3D animator: Cinesite Europe Dave Child
special effects technician: model unit Nik Cooper
model animator: model unit Gary Coulter
production accountant: model unit Brenda Coxon
model supervisor: model unit Tracy Curtis
visual effects supervisor Nick Davis
visual effects coordinator Alexandra Day
model artist: model unit Max Dennison
production coordinator: Cinesite Catherine Duncan
assistant visual effects editor Paul Elman
camera grip: model unit Joe Felix
process plate cameraman Mark Gardiner
model animator: model unit Caroline Garrett
3D computer animator: Cinesite Chris George
digital compositor: Cinesite Chris Gibbons
visual effects lead animator: CFC Dan Glass
production supervisor: model unit José Granell
film scanning and recording: model unit John Grant
plasterer department head: model unit Chris Greenwood
production assistant: model unit Charity Hobbs-Wood
digital compositor: Cinesite (as David Williams) David Houghton-Williams
art director: Cinesite Europe Lubo Hristov
2D digital artist: digital unit Robin Huffer
model and visual effects producer: model unit Antony Hunt
film controller: model unit Andrew Jeffery
digital compositor: Cinesite (as Matthew Johnson) Matt Johnson
special effects technician: model unit Ken Kittens
visual effects producer: CFC Sharon Lark
model coordinator: model unit Katherine Lofting
model and visual effects producer: model unit Roger Lofting
digital compositor: Cinesite David Man
model supervisor: model unit Chris Martin
production assistant: model unit Tori Martin
model animator: model unit Adam McInnes
special effects technician: model unit Jacqui Mitchell
camera operator: model unit John Morgan
focus puller: model unit Karl Morgan
visual effects producer: CFC Alison O'Brien
Domino artist: digital unit Daniel Pettipher
special effects workshop supervisor: model unit Dave Poole
production coordinator: model unit Sarah Robinson
gaffer: model unit John Rogers
digital composite supervisor: Cinesite Sue Rowe
model supervisor: model unit Robbie Scott
model supervisor: model unit Roy Scott
best boy: model unit (as Frank Sheekey) Frank Sheeky
clapper loader: model unit Andy Stevens
director of photograpy: model unit Nigel Stone
digital compositor Charles Tait
digital composite supervisor: Cinesite Niki Wakefield
production manager: model unit (as Suzie Ford) Suzie F. Wiesmann
visual effects editor Russ Woolnough
technical support: Cinesite Keith Barton
modeler Nick Bonathan
3D animator: Cinesite Nathalie Buce
digital compositor: Cinesite Sonia Calvert
software developer Kevin Campbell
digital effects artist Dayne Cowan
digital compositor Adrian De Wet
digital effects designer Paddy Eason
studio manager: CFC Pete Hanson
data operations Dan Harrod
research and development Oliver James
digital effects artist John Lockwood
digital compositing support: title sequence Thomas Lopatka
model maker Jon Meakins
visual effects: CFC Dennis Michelson
digital compositor Elizabeth Moore
digital effects designer Mark Nelmes
lineup & editorial: Cinesite Clare Norman
scanning and recording producer: CFC Kevin Phelan
digital trainee Paula Pope
digital compositor Fedele Rinaldi
lead digital compositor: title sequence Candice Scott
computer graphics designer Simon Staines
model maker Bill Thomas
digital effects designer Gavin Toomey
head of production: Cinesite Courtney Vanderslice
visual effects coordinator: CFC Tim Wellspring
scanning and recording manager Pete Williams
stunts Shelly Benison
stunt coordinator Marc Boyle
stunt double: Eddie Izzard Marc Cass
stunts Gabe Cronnelly
stunts Ray De-Haan
stunts Jamie Edgell
stunts Candice Evans
stunts Dave Fisher
stunts (as Dorothy Anne Ford) Dorothy Ford
stunt double: Uma Thurman / stunts Sarah Franzl
stunts Paul Herbert
swordfight arrangements William Hobbs
stunt double: Uma Thurman / stunts Sy Hollands
stunt double: Uma Thurman / stunts Eunice Huthart
stunts Paul Jennings
stunts Vincent Keane
stunts Phil Lonergan (perhaps Paul Lonergan?)
stunts Tony Lucken
stunts Mark Mottram
stunts Ray Nicholas
stunts Adrian O'Neil
stunt coordinator: second unit Eddie Stacey
stunts Rachael Stephens
stunts Steen Young
stunts Dickey Beer
stunt double: Sean Connery Gabe Cronnelly
stunt double Joss Gower
stunts Lee Sheward
second assistant camera Mik Allen
dolly grip David Appleby
still photographer David Appleby
clapper loader: second unit Marc Atherfold
camera operator: second unit David Budd
second assistant camera Ciro Candia
first assistant camera: second unit Mike Evans
first assistant camera: second unit John Fletcher
first assistant camera John Foster
gaffer: second unit Steve Foster
director of photography: second unit Harvey Harrison
rigging gaffer David Hughes
first assistant camera Simon Hume
chief lighting technician Alan Martin
assistant chief lighting technician Jason Martin
dolly grip Philip Murray
camera operator Simon Ransley
camera operator Peter Robertson
camera operator: second unit Peter Taylor
video playback operator Chris Warren
remote camera technician Darren Bailey
aerial camera operator / aerial director of photography Adam Dale
crane technician Laurence Edwards
practical electrician Danny Espey
grip Pat Garrett
electrician Alan Grayley
electrician Eugene Grobler
megamount technician Will Handley
camera operator: car chase unit Martin Kenzie
grip Phil Murray
second assistant camera Spencer Murray
grip Ron Nicholls
steadicam operator Howard Smith
director of photography: car chase unit Jonathan Taylor
camera pilot Marc Wolff
3-D computer animator: Cinesite Charles Cash
3-D computer animator: Cinesite Dave Child
casting assistant Kate Bryden
wardrobe supervisor (as Kenny Crouch) Ken Crouch
wardrobe David Croucher
assistant costume designer Nathalie Duerinckx
wardrobe master Mark Holmes
Costumes for Uma Thurman Jane Law
wardrobe mistress Jane Lewis
wardrobe Janet Lucas-Wakely
costumes Dave Croucher
digital assistant editor Mags Arnold
second assistant editor David Burrows
first assistant editor Kate Higham
color timer Peter Hunt
third assistant editor Amy Quince
negative cutter Sylvia Wheeler
post-production executive Bill Daly
editor: main title sequence Fred Fouquet
lightworks engineer Simon Kotowicz
assistant editor: on-location Asha Radwan
location manager Terry Blyther
location manager Keith Hatcher
assistant location manager Nick Waldron
orchestrator Jeff Atmajian
musician: clarinet Nicholas Bucknall
supervising music editor Michael Connell
auricle control systems Chris Cozens
music supervisor Marius De Vries
musician: flute Andrew Findon
conductor / orchestrator Joel McNeely
score recordist Shawn Murphy
music editor Craig Pettigrew
musician: violin Sonia Slany
orchestrator David Slonaker
musician: percussion programming Ron Aston
musician: violin Mark Berrow
assistant music editor Steve Browell
conductor / music arranger Chris Elliott
musician Simon Hanson
musician: viola Bruce White
action vehicle coordinator Duncan Barbour
transportation coordinator Maurice Newsome
minibus driver Phil Edwards
driver: SFX Ken Price
driver / transportation Gerry Turner
assistant: Mr. Connery Nicola Armstrong
first aid Rosie Bedford-Stradling
production coordinator Erica Bensly
assistant: Mr. Chechik Allan Bradshaw
unit publicist Jennifer Collen-Smith
financial controller Gary Jones
script supervisor: second unit Sharon Mansfield
assistant: Mr. Weintraub Eth Ibrahim Maynard
production secretary Caroline Moore
production office assistant Debbie Moseley
production accountant Gary Nixon
assistant accountant Matthew O'Toole
assistant: Mr. Weintraub Kim Pinkstaff
first aid (as Kate Teakle) Katherine Teakle
assistant: Ms. Thurman (as Emma Tillinger) Emma Tillinger Koskoff
assistant: Mr. Fiennes Becky Veduccio
assistant: Mr. Chechik (as Tania Powell) Tania Vujic-Powell
production office assistant Sarah Waldron
assistant: Mr. Weintraub Ari Weintraub
assistant: Mr. Weintraub Jamie Weintraub
assistant: Mr. Weintraub Jody Weintraub
assistant: Mr. Weintraub Joseph Weintraub
assistant: Mr. Weintraub (as Julee Weintraub) Julie Weintraub
assistant: Mr. Weintraub Rachel Weintraub
assistant: Mr. Weintraub Sarah Weintraub
assistant: Mr. Chechik Kirsten Welles
dialogue coach (as Julia Wilson-Dixon) Julia Wilson Dickson
script supervisor Anna Worley
assistant sword master Richard Bonehill
voice dubbing: Uma Thurman Arianne Borbach
title designer: main title sequence Kyle Cooper
catering supervisor Robin Demetriou
press attache: France Marquita Doassans
voice dubbing: Ralph Fiennes Peter Flechtner
title designer Karin Fong
compositor: main title Lori Freitag-Hild
production assistant Jeremy Caleb Johnson
production coordinator: second unit Emma Mager
computer and video systems Justin Owen
voice dubbing: Sir Sean Connery Gerhard Paul
voice dubbing: Fiona Shaw Kerstin Sanders
assistant accountant Rob Seager
italian dubbing director Renzo Stacchi
production executive John Tomko
artist: main titles Marcel Valcarce
fire officer Derek Warman

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