• title card : 'minikillers' superimposed on a distorted, tesselated image of the killer doll
  • A bomb is carely placed inside one of the dolls
  • Mrs Peel see the henchmen bearing down on her car in the rear-view mirror
  • Mrs Peel searches the eerie cemetery
  • Emma defeats the ast of the henchmen so she can make off in the hearse

Minikillers : 3 - Macabre

Diana casually sips tea at an outdoor café, watched by the boss and his men on top of the nearby Banco Zaragozano building. He radios the bald henchman who fits a bomb inside one of the dolls and hides it behind the seats of Diana's car. Diana finishes her tea and drives off up to the hills, pursued by the henchmen. She has to brake abruptly when a broken down car appears in front of her , blocking the winding mountain road. The passenger seat flips forward, revealing the hidden doll. She picks it up as the boss's Mercedes approaches. The henchmen get out and walk towards her as she listens to the ticking coming from the doll. She hurls the doll at the gang and it explodes, leaving just the bald henchman who is easily defeated after a short fight and falls over the cliff edge. She picks a flower and tosses it down onto his body then she backs away uncertainly as the henchman, not dead, rouses himself and struggles to sit up.

Back at the restort, Diana is handed a black-edged condolence car by a waiter as she gets into her card. She smiles as she reads it - and the boss, woh watches her from nearby, smiles as well - she is a formidable opponent!

She drives to the town cemetery and wanders through the graves until she happens acrosss an old-fashioned horse-drawn hearse. Nearby, the boss and two of his men await her with an empty coffin to which they obsequiously direct her. Two more men appear and drag her toward the coffin but she shrugs them off and once again defeats all of the gang, this time making off with the hearse.


starring Diana Rigg regular007Doctor Who
crime boss Jose Nieto
bald henchman Jack Rocha
henchman with rifle H. Coscollin
radio operator unknown
henchman unknown
henchman unknown henchman unknown henchman unknown


Produced by H.G. Lückel
Produced by D. Nettemann
Written by Wolfgang von Chmielewski
Written by M.v. Chmielewski
Directed by Wolfgang von Chmielewski
Photography Josef Kaufmann
Camera Assistant Gerd Weiss
Score Jonny Teupen
Score H. Rettenbacher
Production Assistant H.G. Tienemann
Script Girl Ulrike Hercher
Unit Manager Virgilio Valle
Film Editor Erika Winter
Make-up Ingrid Hartkopf
Make-up Waltraud Winkler
Technical Assistant Lothar Büscher
Title-Mirrors Vittorio Bonato
An Accentfilm International production


  1. The Boss's henchman chauffeurs a navy Mercedes limosine with the licence plate MO-AD 995
  2. "Emma Peel" drives a black Jaguar E-type, licence plate DLT 688
  3. "Emma Peel" steals a black horse-drawn hearse

Box and advertising

Box with photo of Diana Rigg holding a submachinegun in the woods, dressed in a red knit top and black trousers, with the text Ca. 20 Minuten Spielfilm mit DIANA RIGG bekannt als Emma Peel [Super 8] Full-page advertisement in 'Bravo' magazine with the headline 'Schießt wieder scharf: Diana Rigg'

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