• Opening titles: The Avengers superimposed on a pixelated bowler hat silhouette with lighning strikes coming from behind it
  • Steed walks down the cobbled pavement of a country village, impeccably dressed in a pinstriped suit and bowler hat
  • Sir August and Mrs Peel look at his prize orchid, Sir August's face massively enlarged by the magnifying disc in front of it
  • Evil Emma, in her fur coat, fires a black spear gun at Steed who is off-camera
  • Sir August, with his back to us, addresses a room full of people in different coloured teddy bear costumes
  • The two Emma Peels come face to face during their rooftop fight
  • The two Emma Peels come face to face during their rooftop fight
  • A swarm of robotic drone wasps attack Mrs Peel's blue E-type Jaguar
  • Overhead view of Mrs Peel running around the impossibly Escher=style infinite staircase
  • Sir August is seen on multiple screeens shouting at the World Council, he is in full formal Scottish attire
  • Steed draws the sabre from within his umbrella as he prepares to face Sir August
  • A lighning bolt strikes one of the faces of the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, causing glass to shatter from all sides

The Avengers (1998)

by Don MacPherson
Directed by Jeremiah Chechik

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Steed's tie for much of the film appears to be a Queen's Dragoon Guards tie. He also wears a solid crimson tie, a solid orange tie and a navy tie with a crest that is either a shield or three feathers, so it might be Magdalen College, Oxford (most likely) or a Carlton Club tie (which might explain why he said he had been blackballed from Boodle's in The Charmers).

The moves in the chess match between Emma Peel and John Steed are the same as in the match between Roy Batty and Tyrell in Blade Runner (1982):

N-N7 chQxN mate

Another reference to the film is during the fight between Sir August De Wynter and John Steed, when Sir August says "Time to die". Roy Batty says the same line to Rick Deckard during their fight in Blade Runner.

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