• title card : ‘minikillers’ superimposed on an establishing shot of Mrs. Peel lying on a beach
  • Mrs. Peel is trapped as the net under the sand lifts up
  • A wet, bikini-clad Emma approaches the yacht in a dinghy
  • A black and white photograph of two men, their faces crossed out and the word INTERPOL written above them
  • Emma wags a disapproving finger at the killer doll

Minikillers : 2 — Heroin

Diana reclines on the sand and watches some nearby scuba divers whom she photographs. She also takes pictures of a nearby motor launch which is manned by the men from the tower block and three young women in bikinis who are each playing with one of the dolls. Diana lies back and starts to peel an apple with a small knife then is startled to realise that the other people on the little beach are mannequins. Her realisation comes too late; the boss has given the order to the radio operator and they begin toppling around her — not because they have been animated but because a huge net which was hidden under the sand has begun to rise and Diana is trapped within it, surrounded by the grotesque mannequins.

She is dragged out to sea towards the yacht and starts feverishly hacking at the net with her fruit knife so when they land the net on deck she is gone, a hole cut in the net which now just contains mannequins. While they examining the net, she boards the yacht from its dinghy and sneaks below deck where she finds a photo marked INTERPOL and Xs drawn across the faces of two men, one of whom was the businessman at the resort.

She finds one of the dolls in a fridge and searches it, finding vials of the acid inside it’s back — she admonishes the doll with a wagging finger. The yacht docks and the boss goes ashore to meet his bald henchman and three more girls who have arrived by car. The henchman spots Diana and gives the alarm so Diana fights her way out past the remaining crew and slips past the henchman. When the boss goes to join his henchman he sees Diana in the driver’s seat. She gives him a wave and drives away. She deliberately parks it in front of a policeman standing next to a no parking sign then runs across the road to her own E-type Jaguar and drives away as the boss’s car gets a ticket.


Produced by H.G. Lückel
Produced by D. Nettemann
Written by Wolfgang von Chmielewski
Written by M.v. Chmielewski
Directed by Wolfgang von Chmielewski
Photography Josef Kaufmann
Camera Assistant Gerd Weiss
Score Jonny Teupen
Score H. Rettenbacher
Production Assistant H.G. Tienemann
Script Girl Ulrike Hercher
Unit Manager Virgilio Valle
Film Editor Erika Winter
Make-up Ingrid Hartkopf
Make-up Waltraud Winkler
Technical Assistant Lothar Büscher
Title-Mirrors Vittorio Bonato
An Accentfilm International production

Continuity and trivia

  1. The Boss’s henchman chauffeurs a navy Mercedes limousine with the licence plate MO-AD 995
  2. "Emma Peel" drives a black Jaguar E-type, licence plate DLT 688

Box and advertising

Box with photo of Diana Rigg holding a submachinegun in the woods, dressed in a red knit top and black trousers, with the text Ca. 20 Minuten Spielfilm mit DIANA RIGG bekannt als Emma Peel [Super 8] Full-page advertisement in ‘Bravo’ magazine with the headline ‘Schießt wieder scharf: Diana Rigg’

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