• title card : ‘minikillers’ superimposed on a distorted, tesselated image of the killer doll
  • Mrs. Peel relaxes on a sun lounge at the resort
  • The businessman holds up the doll
  • Emma fights the thug on the terrace
  • Emma inspects the inside of the pocket watch

Minikillers : 1 — Operation Costa Brava

The action opens at a beach resort on the Costa Brava, tourists lounge around a roof-top swimming pool. A man in a sharp suit strides though the resort and surveys the sea view from the balcony. Atop a nearby tower block, a man is watching the resort with binoculars as his accomplice operates a radio transmitter hidden in a briefcase. A bald man gets out of a sportscar and carries a large box past Diana, who has emerged in a bikini to do some sun bathing.

The man in the suit watches her pass him and a holidaying businessman casts an appreciative eye over her as she take a lounge near him. The man with the binoculars takes up a rifle and aims it at the businessman as the bald man adjusts the time on his watch. Diana sits up, a smile on her face - a doll of a little girl is walking across the resort, apparently controlled remotely by the radio operator. The man with the rifle smiles as the businessman picks up the doll - as does the bald man, who presses the crown of his watch. Immediately, the doll pours liquid from its eye in fake tears. The businessman recoils then laughs. Diana smiles too but the businessman’s laugh has become a rictus and he falls to the ground, writhing in agony.

Tourists gather around the dead man and the bald man is disconcerted when Diana picks up the doll and walks off with it. He meets with a German tourist and hands him a wad of cash to attack her. Diana spots him and defeats him easily with her trademark karate moves and he staggers off to the sound of a Laurel and Hardy theme. Diana notices that he’s dropped a piece of paper and a pocket watch which she opens to discover complex circuitry. She surmises that it controls the doll and tests the watch, oblivious to a second doll that has been put inside her room to kill her, which is responding to the watch controls.
She looks at the paper which is a flyer for a club and leaves for the beach just before the second doll starts squirting acid from its eyes.


Produced by H.G. Lückel
Produced by D. Nettemann
Written by Wolfgang von Chmielewski
Written by M.v. Chmielewski
Directed by Wolfgang von Chmielewski
Photography Josef Kaufmann
Camera Assistant Gerd Weiss
Score Jonny Teupen
Score H. Rettenbacher
Production Assistant H.G. Tienemann
Script Girl Ulrike Hercher
Unit Manager Virgilio Valle
Film Editor Erika Winter
Make-up Ingrid Hartkopf
Make-up Waltraud Winkler
Technical Assistant Lothar Büscher
Title-Mirrors Vittorio Bonato
An Accentfilm International production

Continuity and trivia

Box and advertising

Box with photo of Diana Rigg holding a submachinegun in the woods, dressed in a red knit top and black trousers, with the text Ca. 20 Minuten Spielfilm mit DIANA RIGG bekannt als Emma Peel [Super 8] Full-page advertisement in ‘Bravo’ magazine with the headline ‘Schießt wieder scharf: Diana Rigg’

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