• title card : ‘minikillers’ superimposed on a close-up of Diana in the audience of the flamenco show
  • Mrs. Peel realises the flamenco dancer is one of the Interpol agents in the photograph
  • Emma examines the doll mechanism
  • The boss is squirted in the face by the doll he was priming
  • Emma gives us a wink as the case is solved

Minikillers : 4 — Flamenco

Diana is watching the Flamenco dancer El Sali pound the boards with his hard heels. She is served a bottle of champagne that comes with a card- the photo of the dead Interpol officers. Above her in the gallery, the boss is entertaining his girlfriend and henchman. El Sali goes to his dressing room and is horrified when one of the dolls appears, controlled by the henchman, and squirts him with acid. Diana goes to visit the dancer backstage and is chloroformed when she opens his door.

The boss meanwhile continues to enjoy his lobster dinner with his girlfriend, pleased when his henchman reappears to signal the deed is done. Diana regains consciousness, finding herself bound hand and foot beneath the descending stage rostrum. Diana reaches out her hands towards the cog wheels… and we see the rostrum stop descending.

The henchman goes to check and finds the severed cords that had held her, and a ring wedged in between two of the wheels.
Diana watches from the shadows and observes the idiot remove the ring and get trapped by the descending stage. She returns to El Sali’s dressing room, finding him dead, one finger pointing at the mirror. Following the reflection, she investigates a poster on the wall and finds it hides a door into a hidden storeroom.

She finds boxes of the dolls but the boss has gone to investigate and prepares a doll with more acid. He’s checking it as Diana prepares another doll and when she sets the watch to operate it, the boss is squirted in the face by the other doll. Oblivious, Diana thinks her doll is broken and departs.

We catch up with her at the hotel bar where she watches the police lead away the main henchman, she turns to the camera and gives us a sly wink before sipping her champagne.


Produced by H.G. Lückel
Produced by D. Nettemann
Written by Wolfgang von Chmielewski
Written by M.v. Chmielewski
Directed by Wolfgang von Chmielewski
Photography Josef Kaufmann
Camera Assistant Gerd Weiss
Score Jonny Teupen
Score H. Rettenbacher
Production Assistant H.G. Tienemann
Script Girl Ulrike Hercher
Unit Manager Virgilio Valle
Film Editor Erika Winter
Make-up Ingrid Hartkopf
Make-up Waltraud Winkler
Technical Assistant Lothar Büscher
Title-Mirrors Vittorio Bonato
An Accentfilm International production

Continuity and trivia

Box and advertising

Box with photo of Diana Rigg holding a submachinegun in the woods, dressed in a red knit top and black trousers, with the text Ca. 20 Minuten Spielfilm mit DIANA RIGG bekannt als Emma Peel [Super 8] Full-page advertisement in ‘Bravo’ magazine with the headline ‘Schießt wieder scharf: Diana Rigg’

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