• title card: red all caps text outlined in black reading ‘KILLER’ superimposed on a blinding white light
  • Lady Diana examines the pocket watch she’s found on Wilkington’s polythene-wrapped body
  • Lady Diana grabs a katana from the wall and wields it expertly as she defends herself from Brinstead
  • Calvin draws his pistol as he enters the red-and-blue-lit corridor of Remak
  • Gillars abseils down a building as he approaches his rendezvous with Paxton
  • Steed cautiously approaches the crushing trap in the disturbingly futuristic Remak
  • Tara and Steed are trapped in a corner of his flat after he accidentally makes the liferaft inflate itself

Series 6 — Episode 16

Teleplay by Tony Williamson
Directed by Cliff Owen

Regional broadcasts

Thames Television22/01/698:00pm
ATV Midlands2/05/698:00pm
Granda Television4/05/698:25pm
Anglia Television11/06/698:00pm
Border Television29/01/698:00pm
Channel Television28/06/698:25pm
Grampian Television24/01/697:30pm
Southern Television2/04/698:00pm
Scottish Television24/04/698:00pm
Tyne Tees Television22/01/698:00pm
Ulster Television2/05/699:00pm
Westward Television28/06/698:25pm
Harlech Television2/05/698:00pm
Yorkshire Television25/01/698:30pm

International broadcasts

ABN2 Sydney, Australia14/03/698:00pm
ABV2 Melbourne, Australia25/02/698:30pm
ABC New York, USA30/12/687:30pm
ORTF2 France12/10/738:35pm
Suisse Romande, Switzerland
French titleMeutre au programme
ZDF Germany
German titleREMAK
KRO Netherlands6/11/19709:35pm
Dutch titleDe computermoord
TTI Italy4/1/1982 C5
Italian titleKiller
Spanish titleAsesino

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 2:34 - The sting under the opening titles is the dramatic music from The Hidden Tiger.
  2. 4:25 - Trancer had already leapt up from the couch to attack Brinstead, but in the change of angle we see him do it again.
  3. 4:45 - The chase music from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Station is used when Brinstead and Merridon chase after Trancer.
  4. 4:45 et passim. - Most of the loction work was filmed in Burnham Beeches. The factory is the backlot of the Elstree studios.
  5. 5:10 etc. - These gates are used in Danger Man ("The Professionals") and in Never, Never Say Die - they’re actually those of Haberdasher’s Askes School.
  6. 8:47 - Jennifer Croxton, in the commentary for this episode, reveals that Patrick Newell, like William Hartnell in Doctor Who, uses to sticks bits of paper about the set to remind him of his lines.
  7. passim. - I’ve always thought Jennifer Croxton looked a bit anorexic and the lady herself thinks that in her commentary.
  8. 10:00 - Jennifer commentary also reveals that she’d been taken out to lunch - steak and a few glasses of red wine - and couldn’t remember any of her lines, so she just nods at Clark and peers at the body.
  9. 10:03 - Steed asks, “How did he die?” and the forensics man, Clark, replies, “In alphabetical order, he was clubbed, poison, shot, spiked, stabbed, strangled and suffocated - and his ear drums are damaged.” Steed glances at the body and replies, “His neck’s broken as well.”
  10. 12:57 - Something black falls from the ceiling at the start of the fight between Forbes and Brinstead, it might be a bit of burnt paper. Jennifer Croxton reveals that Rhonda Parker did some of her stunts, but they were mostly done by herself, including all the driving.
  11. 13:27 - Musical sting from The Winged Avenger. There’s also a lot of music from Look - (stop me if you’ve heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers... in this episode.
  12. 14:32, 15:12 et passim. - The “old village mock-up owned by some bankrupt film company” is the ITC Elstree set where much of Danger Man, The Saint and The Avengers was filmed. It would be familiar to any fan of ITC or ABC television from the Sixties and was reused in “The Morning After”. It has since been demolished and a Tesco’s supermarket is on the site.
  13. 15:40 - There’s a dark smudge in the top left corner of the screen in the CU of Gillars.
  14. 17:11 - You can see the camera crew reflected in the front windows of the coach.
  15. 17:15 - Later on, we see all the passengers in the coach are dummies but here they are people. I am not going to bother capturing their mugshots; I must draw the line somewhere.
  16. 17:32 - How appropriate, the bus is a Commer Avenger V!
  17. 17:40 - The pub referred to as The Pirate, Lower Storpington is actually The Crown in East Burnham.
  18. 18:35 - The suspense-building music is from From Venus With Love.
  19. 19:48 - Steed has a very old fashioned telephone in his Rolls-Royce.
  20. 23:56 - Jennifer Croxton has a black fingernail on her left hand in this scene (which was shot in one take) - a memento of an injury sustained while filming the cart sequence which appears near the end of the episode (37:26 onwards). The cart struck her and knocked her down and she was taken to hospital. You can see the black fingernail reappear here and there throughout the rest of the episode.
  21. 25:36 - There’s lens flare, caused by the ceiling light, at the bottom centre of the screen as Anthony Valentine leaves the set.
  22. 34:13 - The Continuity error that wasn’t. Forbes parks her MG diagonally across the very front of the pub, but at 35:00 Merridon parks in what seems to be the same spot, and there’s no sign of Forbes’ car. All is revealed at 36:00, her car is further along, past the pergola while Merridon’s is near the sign for the pub.
  23. 37:14 - Is it the same cart they used in The Superlative Seven?
  24. 38:20-38:27 - The casual racism of the Sixties - Diana’s references to an “oriental trick” and bidding Steed “sayonara” make me cringe.
  25. 42:10 - Does Steed’s bowler now have more buckshot holes than before?
  26. 42:35 - Remak detects that Steed is 6' 1"" and 175lb, later adding the collar size 15½. It gives him the reference number 04/ZX/2.
  27. 42:58-46:50 - Remak attacks Steed with:
    1. 42:58 - high pitched sound (Steed quickly puts earplugs in his ears)
    2. 43:23 - crossbow bolt (Steed ducks when he sees the projected target on his chest)
    3. 44:10 - cutting blade (chops tip off umbrella after Steed ducks under it)
    4. 44:40 - crushing walls (traps the buttons of his coat)
    5. 45:10 - strangling (crushes his bowler and takes his umbrella)
    6. 45:40 - electric ray (burns his overcoat to ashes)
    7. 46:15 - motion-detecting machine gun (shoots his jacket; he screams and the computer concludes he is finally dead)
  28. Running time: 50'19"

The Transport

Morris J2 Luton 1962 removals vanblue844 ...
Lotus Europa S2 Pre-production [Type 54] 1968silverMMK 743C
Wolesley 1100 1967blackSNP 616E
MGC 1968whiteBWM 300G
Commer Avenger V HX441 coach with bodywork by Owenbuff616 BYP
Hughes 300 (269B) helicopter 1965buffG-AVZC
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. ‘Silver Ghost’ 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
Morris 1300 Mk II 1968blackBNL ...?
Austin A110 Westminster 1963grey244 VFK

Who’s Killing Whom?

Wilkington REMAK clubbed, poisoned, shot, spiked, stabbed, strangled, suffocated, neck broken
Trancer Brinstead shot
Freddie Merridon strangled
Gillars REMAK crushed
Calvin REMAK garrotted
Lawson REMAK heart piereced by a sharp instrument
Chattell REMAK ?
REMAK John Steed ordered to self-destruct
Merridon John Steed killed by explosion of self-destructing Remak
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The Fashions

Tara Lady Diana Steed

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