• title card: red all caps text outlined in black reading ‘KILLER’ superimposed on a blinding white light
  • Lady Diana examines the pocket watch she’s found on Wilkington’s polythene-wrapped body
  • Lady Diana grabs a katana from the wall and wields it expertly as she defends herself from Brinstead
  • Calvin draws his pistol as he enters the red-and-blue-lit corridor of Remak
  • Gillars abseils down a building as he approaches his rendezvous with Paxton
  • Steed cautiously approaches the crushing trap in the disturbingly futuristic Remak
  • Tara and Steed are trapped in a corner of his flat after he accidentally makes the liferaft inflate itself

Series 6 — Episode 16

Teleplay by Tony Williamson
Directed by Cliff Owen

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