• title card: white all caps text reading 'THE SECRETS BROKER' superimposed on a dark close-up of Paignton taking the revolver from the box
  • Marion and Allan kissing on the sofa
  • Cliff Howard and Cathy in the lab
  • Steed peers into the barrel darkroom after pretending to stumble into it, the Wilsons and Waller put on a brave face
  • Marion Howard sits in the audience of the seance with Cathy keeping an eye on her from the back
  • Cathy and Steed sample some of the commandeered wine

Series 3 - Episode 14
The Secrets Broker

by Ludovic Peters
Designed by Anne Spavin
Directed by Jonathan Alwyn


written by Ludovic Peters
Honor Blackman's wardrobe designed by Frederick Starke regular
story editor Richard Bates regular
THE AVENGERS theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
designed by Anne Spavin regular
producer John Bryce regular
Directed by Jonathan Alwyn regularCallan
Floor Manager Peter Bailey regular
P.A. Paddy Dewey regular
Stage Manager Mary Lewis regular
Call Boy David Granger regular
P.A. Timer Eileen Cornwell regular
Wardrobe Ambren Garland regular
Make-Up Lee Halls regular
Technical Supervisor Bob Godfrey regular
Lighting Supervisor H.W. Richards regular
Senior Cameraman Dickie Jackman regular
Sound Supervisor John Tasker regular
Vision Mixer Gordon Hesketh regular
Racks Supervisor Alan Fowler regular
Grams Operator Tony Morley regular
an ABC Production

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