• title card: white all caps text reading ‘THE LITTLE WONDERS’ superimposed on a revolver and holster lying on a table
  • Cathy holds the doll tightly as Gerda, foreground right, and Hasek, in the background, surround her
  • Sister Johnson appears from behind the blackboard and fires her Tommy gun into the sleeping clergymen
  • Maintaining the facade, Steed and Cathy kiss when they’re caught together in the kitchen by Harry and Sid (left and right respectively)
  • A medium close-up of a smiling Fingers wearing his vicar’s hat and dog collar
  • Steed confronts the Bishop with a revolver and rejects his last attempt at bribery

Series 3 — Episode 16
The Little Wonders

by Eric Paice
Designed by Richard Harrison
Directed by Laurence Bourne

Production No 3619, VTR/ABC/3254
Production completed: January 3 1964. First transmission: January 11 1964.

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