• title card: black all caps text reading ‘THE UNDERTAKERS’ superimposed on a cap and a pistol lying on a white table
  • Paula hangs up the phone while Lomax sits next to her on the step
  • Paula smiles, her face reflected in the mirror next to her, as Lomax leaves; Daphne is less impressed with the man
  • Madden emerges vampirically from his coffin hiding-place
  • Cathy questions the loopy Mrs. Renter as the old lady chats to a bird in a cage
  • Steed pats the bottom of one of the statues in the grounds of the nursing home

Series 3 — Episode 2
The Undertakers

by Malcolm Hulke
Designed by David Marshall
Directed by Bill Bain

Production No 3608, VTR/ABC/2899
Production completed: August 2 1963. First transmission: October 5 1963.

Production Schedule

Episode 61
Production Number : 3608
Teddington Studio 1

Thursday 1st August 1963

Camera rehearsal 10.00–12.30
Lunch break 12.30–13.30
Camera rehearsal 13.30–18.00
Supper break 18.00–19.00
Camera rehearsal 19.00–21.00

Friday 2nd August 1963

Camera rehearsal 10.00–12.30
Lunch break 12.30–13.30
Camera rehearsal 13.30–15.20
Tea break, line up,
normal scan, make-up
Photo oall (Pat/Honor) 16.05–16.15
Dress rehearsal 16.15–17.30
Notes 17.30–18.00
Line-up 18.00–18.30
VTR 18.30–19.30

Running time

Expected: 51′25″ + 2 commercial breaks 2.05
Actual running time with bumpers: 51′41″

The bumpers between the acts are generally 10 seconds from fade in to the “End of Act” bumper to the end of audio before the commercial, a 10 second still without audio, then cut to the next act bumper. This would play with the theme for around 10 seconds. Accordingly, with the episodes being in 3 acts, the running time of the action is approximately a minute less than listed above, minus the opening credits (normally 0′16″ with a 2″ fade) and closing credits (anywhere from 0′41″ to 1′20″, hard cut or 1″ fade or mix).


Cameras: 5 Pedestals
Sound: 3 booms, lazy-arm (Laboratory), 5 pract. telephones (Madden’s Living Room, Adelphi Park Office, Renter’s Living Room & Adelphi Park Hall (extension), Funeral Parlour Office (to ring only)), grams, tape, possible echo, distort stand mic. (outside Cathy’s Kitchen).
Telecine: ABC symbol, 4 35mm. specially shot sequences (1 mute, 2 s.o.f.), 1 slide, caption scanner.


ATV London5/10/196310.05pm
ABC Midlands5/10/19639.50pm
ABC North5/10/19639.50pm
Anglia Television5/10/19639.50pm
Border Television5/10/196310.05pm
Channel Television5/10/196310.05pm
Grampian Television6/10/196310.35pm
Southern Television5/10/196310.05pm
Scottish Television5/10/196310.25pm
Tyne Tees Television5/10/19639.50pm
Ulster Television5/10/19639.50pm
Westward Television5/10/196310.05pm
Television Wales & West5/10/19639.50pm
Teledu Cymru (WWN)5/10/19639.50pm
ABN2 Sydney12/05/19648.00pm
ABV2 Melbourne10/12/19647.30pm

This episode was broadcast in Italy on 1st December 1965 (9:15pm, RAI 2) under the title of “I filanthropi”. It had originally been scheduled for 10pm on 26th August 1965 but with The Removal Men being pre-empted the week before, that episode took the 26th August slot. It was one of a limited run of ten episodes from series 2 and 3 that were broadcast on RAI intermittently throughout 1965 and 1966 under the title “Agente speciale”. (see above)

TV Times listing

TV Times listing for October 5 1963, 10.05pm (London edition)
Sydney Morning Herald listing for May 12 1964, 8pm
The Age listing for December 10 1964, 7.30pm
L’Unita listing for August 26 1965, 10pm timeslot from which it was pre-empted
L’Unita listing for December 1 1965, 9.15pm

10.5 The Avengers
Patrick Macnee
Honor Blackman


The Undertakers
By Malcolm Hulke

Cast in order of appearance

Green Howard Goorney
Madden Patrick Holt
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman
John Steed Patrick Macnee
Mrs. Renter Lally Bowers
Lomax Lee Patterson
Wilkinson Ronald Russell
Paula Jan Holden
Daphne Mandy Miller
Mrs. Lomax Marcella Markham
Mrs. Baker Helena McCarthy
Reeve Denis Forsyth

Settings by David Marshall
Directed by Bill Bain
Produced by John Bryce

In which Steed meets an undertaker and Cathy joins the millionaires

ABC Television Network Production


Victim Killer Method
Madden Green Shot (faked)
Mrs. Lomax Green Shot
Click a name to see the face

Continuity and trivia

Time codes here include the Studio Canal logo from the remastered 2010 set, which runs for 18 seconds.

  1. 0:00 — The episode starts with a new “ABC presents” telecine.
  2. 1:53 — Just as Howard Goorney approaches Madden, he glances to his right twice to make sure the gun is properly lined up with the camera to get the shot of the slide and extractor in motion.
  3. 2:15 — The episode title super is black instead of the usual white.
    The opening credits feature a cut under the titles, from the empty coffin to the gun left on the table.
  4. 6:17 — The painting of Professor Renter appears to be an oil painting of Brian Clemens, dressed in an Edwardian era academic gown and wing collar.
  5. 10:19–11:02 — Mix telecine (B) — Steed arriving at Ade1phi Park — 0′48″
  6. An unusual episode for the season, with a lot of exteriors and location footage, especially the climactic gun battle in the grounds of Adelphi Park. The location used for Adelphi Park was York House and its gardens at The Riverside, Twickenham, which serves as Twickenham Town Hall — once again, a short drive from the ABC studios at Teddington Lock.
  7. 10:30 — This episode also has a car in it, an old Rolls-Royce split-windscreen hearse, XV 6015 — which almost certainly appeared in Don’t Look Behind You as well.
  8. 13:35 — a shadow passes over Mrs. Lomax’s forehead
  9. 16:30 — picture breakup
  10. 19:15 — the shadow of the crane passes over Steed’s face just before the change of shot to Mrs. Lomax in the coffin
  11. 20:00 — when Steed returns to Renter’s flat he goes to steal another flower for his lapel then notices they are white lillies and grimaces
  12. 23:18 — you can just see the bottom of the boom microphone at to top of the screen as Daphne asks Steed if he’s a burglar
  13. 30:28 — minor distortion
  14. 31:30 — the lens of the camera is covered in spots
  15. 38:31 — the boom mic. dips into clear view when Daphne asks Wilkinson where her father is.
  16. 45:11 — a boom microphone appears in to top right of the screen as Steed runs up the steps after Madden and Green. You can also catch a glimpse of a crew member through the open door.
  17. 45:20–45:53 — TELECINE (c) – 1st half of chase — ending with Madden & Green running over bridge — 0′40″
  18. 46:09–49:29 — TELECINE (D) – 2nd half of chase + gun fight — 3′20″
    (Last shot on T/C: Steed patting statue & climbing down)
  19. 50:47 — Steed says Madden’s trial is “a couple of week ago” then corrects himself and says “ahead” (the script reads: “Two weeks off”)
  20. 51:07 — the cameraman isn’t ready for the change of shot to the MS and sways his camera around alarmingly to get Steed & Cathy in shot.
  21. 51:10 — Macnee is sweating profusely in his last CU
  22. This episode was later remade (after a fashion) as the Tara King episode Bizarre.

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