• title card: black all caps text reading ‘THE UNDERTAKERS’ superimposed on a cap and a pistol lying on a white table
  • Paula hangs up the phone while Lomax sits next to her on the step
  • Paula smiles, her face reflected in the mirror next to her, as Lomax leaves; Daphne is less impressed with the man
  • Madden emerges vampirically from his coffin hiding-place
  • Cathy questions the loopy Mrs Renter as the old lady chats to a bird in a cage
  • Steed pats the bottom of one of the statues in the grounds of the nursing home

Series 3 — Episode 9
The Undertakers

by Malcolm Hulke
Designed by David Marshall
Directed by Bill Bain

Production completed: 2 August 1963. First transmission: 5 October 1963


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular 007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular 007 Danger Man Doctor Who The Saint
Lomax Lee Patterson Jason King
Paula Madden Jan Holden regular The Saint The Champions
Mrs Renter Lally Bowers
Robert Madden Patrick Holt regular 007 Randall and Hopkirk The Saint
Daphne Madden Mandy Miller The Saint
Green Howard Goorney regular Danger Man The Saint
Mrs Lomax Marcella Markham
Wilkinson Ronald Russell
Mrs Baker Helena McCarthy
Reeve Denis Forsyth
Pallbearer Richard Turner regular
Pallbearer John Dennison regular
Pallbearer Leonard Kingston regular Doctor Who
Pallbearer (Frank Harper) Valentino Musetti regular Space 1999 007 Callan The Professionals (billed as Valentino Musetti)
Adelphi resident Malcolm Watson regular Doctor Who Callan
Adelphi resident unknown
Adelphi resident unknown
Adelphi resident unknown
Adelphi resident unknown
Adelphi resident Richard Cuthbert regular

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