• title card: black all caps text reading ‘THE UNDERTAKERS’ superimposed on a cap and a pistol lying on a white table
  • Paula hangs up the phone while Lomax sits next to her on the step
  • Paula smiles, her face reflected in the mirror next to her, as Lomax leaves; Daphne is less impressed with the man
  • Madden emerges vampirically from his coffin hiding-place
  • Cathy questions the loopy Mrs. Renter as the old lady chats to a bird in a cage
  • Steed pats the bottom of one of the statues in the grounds of the nursing home

Series 3 — Episode 2
The Undertakers

by Malcolm Hulke
Designed by David Marshall
Directed by Bill Bain

Production No 3608, VTR/ABC/2899
Production completed: August 2 1963. First transmission: October 5 1963.

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