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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'TARGET! BY DENNIS SPOONER' superimposed on Talmadge suddenly collapsing in the surgery
  • Palmer lies on the pavement, falling out of the door of the red telephone box on the side of the street that stretches away from us, the villains Triumph Dolomite can be seen driving away
  • Bradshaw finds one of the darts has struck Purdey in the back
  • Klokoe hides amongst the reeds in Lopez's conservatory
  • Gamit strikes a heroic, Seventies action figure pose as he goes through the training course
  • Purdey rests against Gambit, who holds up the brown glass bottle of the antidote

The New Avengers, Series 1 - Episode 6

by Dennis Spooner
Directed by Ray Austin

Production details

Produced:July, 1976
First broadcast:
  • London: 23-Nov-76
  • Midlands: 7-Nov-76
  • Sydney (ABN-2): 2-Mar-77
  • Melbourne (ABV-2): 2-Mar-77
  • USA (CBS): 12-Sep-78
  • France (TF1): 25-Dec-76


When Ilenko first turns up, Draker calls him Colonel Ilenko, and he replies that he'd rather be known called by his American pseudonym, Paul Malloy, and Draker assents; yet for the rest of the episode, Draker still calls him Ilenko.

The Transport

Marque Colour Number Plate
Mercedes 350 SL [R107] 1976 burgundy KCM 515P
horses chestnut
Triumph 2.5 Pi Mk 2 1972 dark green RGY 380L
Purdey's MGB Mk III 1976 drophead roadster mustard MOC 232P
Gambit's Jaguar XJ-S [XJ27] 1976 red NRW 875P
tricycle red & chrome n/a
Steed's Range Rover Series I 1976 dark green TXC 922J

Who's Killing Whom?

Victim Killer Method
McKay Bradshaw curare darts
Potterton Bradshaw curare darts
Talmadge Bradshaw curare darts
David Palmer Bradshaw curare darts
George Myers Bradshaw curare darts
Bradshaw Gambit curare darts
Professor Lopez Klokoe curare dart
Ilenko Draker curare dart
Klokoe Gambit curare dart blown back through his blowpipe
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The Fashions

Gambit's fashions
  1. lightbrown/beige 3-piece single-breasted suit, cream open neck shirt, green cravat, brown riding boots
  2. dark brown single-breasted 3-piece suit with flared trousers with a white shirt, brown chelsea boots
Purdey's fashions
  1. purple & white hooped t-shirt with purple cardigan, white piping, blue jeans with huge turn-ups, brown boots, white face makeup
  2. green and white dress
  3. pink button-up blouse [...]PORT on the back in white with vertically-striped rainbow skirt, tan boots
  4. white camisole
Steed's fashions
  1. grey suit single-breasted 3-piece, grey shirt, gold metallic tie, black gloves, grey bowler and umbrella, white face makeup
  2. tweed jacket, single vent, slanted, flap-covered pockets, green waistcoat, blue shirt, brown patterned tie, tan riding boots
  3. navy single-breasted 3-piece suit, pale blue shirt, dark purple tie
  4. grey tweed single-breasted 3-piece suit with brown felt collar, grey bowler, cream shirt, bright gold tie

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