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  • title card: white text reading 'Thingumajig' in a script font superimposed on the box shape drawn in the sand by Greer, whole hands lie beside it
  • Major Star finds Reston's body in the tunnels, a black mark on his forehead
  • Steed puzzles over the mysterious box
  • Teddy, Steed and Inge examine the map of the catacombs under Teddy's church
  • Tara takes cover behind the sofa, desperately shaking a bottle of champagne which she intends to 'fire' at the electronic box
  • Steed is prepared for the box - welding goggles, gloves and electrical discharge gun with a huge generator
  • Tara hangs upside down outside Steed's window, helping him fix his television reception, the antenna in her hand. He reaches out to grab her

Series 6 - Episode 26

Teleplay by Terry Nation
Directed by Leslie Norman

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 3:10 - During the opening credits, the captions for the titles and the director credits are dirty, with smudges and hairs all over them.
  2. 2:55 - John Moore must have been known for his look of extreme horror at being attacked by something mysterious - his performance here is very similar to that in The Hidden Tiger.
  3. 12:49 and 21:30 - So too Edward Burnham, whose zombie walk is reminiscent of his brief appearance in The Fear Merchants.
  4. 15:42 - The telephone number of the vicarage is 476 6770.
  5. 16:36 - The "meadow pond" is Tykes Water lake and during the scene you can hear familiar haunting music, taken from the soundtrack of Series Five
  6. 21:10 (22:55) - Steed and Inge visit the same quarry where Izzy Pound met his demise.
  7. 23:17 - "I used to have avery favourite aunt..."
  8. 27:00 - lovely direction
  9. 29:20 - Why does the box kill Brett? He wasn't holding a torch.
  10. 29:38 - The parcel was dispatched from Tulvermarsh and addresses to Miss T. King, 9 Primrose Crescent, London W8 (or W2?).
  11. 32:10 (33:10) - The x-rays of the thingumajig examined by Professor Truman are in fact the x-rays of the suitcase from Take me to your Leader.
  12. 38:43 - How could the box possibly have reached the top of the stairs?
  13. 43:20 - Music from FVWL
  14. 44:34 - The projection of electric power through space - sounds like "Broadcast power" (PNM) to me.
  15. 48:34 (50:04) - Tara plays a short snippet of the "The Avengers" theme on the organ.
  16. Running time: 49'58"

The Transport

Rolls Roycepale lemonUU 3864
Wolsley & caravandark grey, cream and brown?
Land Rover SWB softtopnavyHNH 659C
Ford? van, crashedblue?
Lotus EuroparedPPW 999F

Who's Killing Whom?

Greer Thingumajig electric discharge
Bill Reston Thingumajig electric discharge
Major Star Thingumajig electric discharge
Brett Thingumajig electric discharge
Kruger Thingumajig electric discharge
Thingumajig Steed arc welder
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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