Drinking Guide to The Avengers

The Avengers Drinking Game

To be played with a bottle of Bollinger Maison Speçial Cuvée Brut or a bottle of Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, chilled to 6–8° C (43–48° F) - better champagne can be served at a higher temperature, but is best in the usual range.
Contestants must *sip* their champagne:
  • Every time Emma smiles with a sideways glance
  • Every time Emma flicks her hair
  • Every time Steed doffs his bowler
  • Every time Steed swings his umbrella
  • Every innuendo
  • Every time Emma is tied up (2)
  • Every time anyone else is tied up
  • Every fight scene
  • Every car chase
  • Every time Emma says “Steed” (twice if it’s a question)
  • Every time Steed says “Mrs. Peel” (twice if it’s a question)
  • Every time Steed is charming
  • Every time Steed is polite
  • Every time Steed is philanderous
  • Every time Emma is coquettish
  • Every time anyone drinks something
  • …or whenever you feel like it.
Drink up!

Steed : The Drink

highball glass
1 1/2oz gin
1/2oz brandy
1/2oz lemon juice
ginger ale
Mrs. (Lemon) Peel
lemon wedge
ice cubes
fine sugar

Moisten rim with lemon wedge, then coat with sugar.
Put a few ice cubes in the glass.
Lay Mrs. Peel languidly into glass, allowing her to caress sides.
Add spirits then pump in the juice, and top with ale.
Stir and consume at your pleasure.

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