• title card: white all caps text reading ‘DRESSED TO KILL’ superimposed on a close-up of Christmas decorations — a bauble and some tinsel
  • Some of the fancy dress guests jostle the conductor — the disguised Newman
  • Steed cheekily tweaks the tail of Pussycat’s costume and she responds with saucily feigned indignation, Preston and the barman are in the background on the right
  • Newman, on the right now out of his beard disguises, confers with the barman after drugging Dorothy
  • Steed tries to pick the lock of the handcuffs which are keeping him and Cathy prisoner
  • Back at Steed’s flat, Cathy and Steed sit back to back and enjoy some champagne from champagne saucers

Series 3 — Episode 14
Dressed To Kill

by Brian Clemens
Designed by David Marshall
Directed by Bill Bain

Production No 3617, VTR/ABC/3194
Production completed: December 6 1963. First transmission: December 28 1963.


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular007Danger ManDoctor WhoThe Saint
Robin Hood (William J. Cavendish) Leonard Rossiter Pink Panther
Napoleon (Frederick Preston) Alexander Davion The ProfessionalsThe SaintUFO
Policeman (Jack Roberts) Richard Leech regularAdam Adamant007Dad’s ArmyDanger ManDoctor WhoThe SaintJason King
Sheriff (Kenneth Johnson) John Junkin regularThe ProfessionalsThe SweeneyJason King
Pussy Cat (Jane Wentworth) Anneke Wills regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Highwaywoman (Dorothy Wilson) Anthea Wyndham The Saint
Newman Leon Eagles Carry On..Doctor Who
Barman Frank Maher regularBlake’s 7The ChampionsDanger ManThe PrisonerRandall and HopkirkThe Saint
First Officer Peter Fontaine The Saint
Radar Operator Richard Pescud regularRandall and Hopkirk
Railway Guard unknown
Harem Girl unknown
Mediæval Lady unknown
Mediæval Jester unknown
Roman soldier unknown
March Hare unknown
Harlequin unknown
Harlequin unknown
Bride unknown
Humpty Dumpty unknown
Showgirl unknown
Showgirl/Rose bush unknown
Speak-your-weight machine Harvey Hall regularDanger ManThe SaintDepartment S (voice only, unconfirmed)
Credits Legend:
Credited but not listed in press
Credited in press but not on screen
Credited in paperwork only
Uncredited / unattributed rôle
Crew: 90% opacity
® : illustrated from other sources

The script, after identifying Mr. Pescud, notes: “EXTRAS: 6 Female. 6 Male.”
The names Jack Roberts and Kenneth Johnson are from a prop seen on screen of the characters’ names. I’ve guessed which is which based on character order but they might be the other way round. The talking weight machine sounds exactly like the talking suitcase in Take Me to Your Leader, which was voiced by Harvey Hall.

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