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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'WISH YOU WERE HERE' superimposed on Uncle Charles peering through the rails of the bar room, evoking a jail cell
  • Tara hold her green and white striped suit up and peers through the large round hole where the back has been burnt through
  • Mother sits grumpily in the outsized scales as Steed reviews the notes, Rhonda stands passivle among the black and white photos around them
  • Basil arrives at the hotel with an enormous supply of sporting equipment and luggage
  • Basil and Tara plan the next step of their escape
  • Maxwell is revealed as the villain behind the hotel when he pulls a gun on our heroine
  • Tara is holding a picnic hamper when she discovers Steed is being held prisoner in his flat

Series 6 - Episode 19
Wish You Were Here

Teleplay by Tony Williamson
Directed by Don Chaffey


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Tara King Linda Thorson regularThe Saint
Charles Merrydale Liam Redmond regularThe Saint
Maxwell Robert Urquhart regularDepartment SThe SaintDangermanThe ProfessionalsCallanThe Champions
Basil Creighton-Latimer Brook William
Michael Parker Dudley Foster regularDoctor WhoDangermanThe SaintJason KingPolice Surgeon
Mother Patrick Newell regularDoctor WhoDangermanRandall and Hopkirk
Stephen Kendrick Gary Watson regularRandall and HopkirkDoctor WhoCallanThe Saint
Mellor Richard Caldicot regularDangermanThe PrisonerUFODepartment S
Vickers Derek Newark regularDoctor WhoThe SaintCallanDad's ArmyThe ChampionsJason King
Brevitt David Garth regularDoctor WhoThe SaintAdam Adamant
Miss Craven Louise Pajo Doctor WhoUFO
Mr. Maple John Cazabon The SaintAdam AdamantThe PrisonerDangermanJason King
Attractive Girl Sandra Fehr
Rhonda Rhonda Parker regularSpace 1999
Porter Peter Hannon regularThe ChampionsThe Sweeney
Porter Alan Gibbs DangermanThe Saint
Barman unknown
Waiter Paddy Smith regular007The Saint
Waiter Martin Lyder regularDangermanThe SaintCallanCarry On..
Chef unknown
Maid unknown
Doctor Guy Standeven regularNew Avengers007DangermanCallanThe PrisonerThe SweeneyAdam AdamantBlake's 7Pink PantherCarry On..
Medic unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest John Smart regularNew AvengersThe Sweeney
Guest Mike Stevens regular007Star WarsThe SaintRandall and HopkirkUFOCarry On..Space 1999
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest Les Conrad regular007Doctor WhoThe SaintThe SweeneyBlake's 7The ChampionsDad's Army
Guest Ernest Blythe regularDoctor Who
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest unknown
Guest Vernon Duke regular
Guest Victor Harrington regularThe Saint007Randall and HopkirkThe SweeneyCarry On..

There is a call sheet for this episode which lists Mary Fielder and Brian Chutter as stand-ins. It spells Martin Lyder's name as "Lieder" and confirms Paddy Smith, Allan Gibbs, Peter Hannan, Ernest Blythe and John Smart. It also lists, in addition to those identified above, John Bristow, Peggy Scott Sanders, Liz Mason, and Christine Callum as hotel guests.

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