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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'WISH YOU WERE HERE' superimposed on Uncle Charles peering through the rails of the bar room, evoking a jail cell
  • Tara hold her green and white striped suit up and peers through the large round hole where the back has been burnt through
  • Mother sits grumpily in the outsized scales as Steed reviews the notes, Rhonda stands passivle among the black and white photos around them
  • Basil arrives at the hotel with an enormous supply of sporting equipment and luggage
  • Basil and Tara plan the next step of their escape
  • Maxwell is revealed as the villain behind the hotel when he pulls a gun on our heroine
  • Tara is holding a picnic hamper when she discovers Steed is being held prisoner in his flat

Series 6 - Episode 19
Wish You Were Here

Teleplay by Tony Williamson
Directed by Don Chaffey

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 1:10 - The episode starts with a suggestion that the men are in a prison, with the shadow of the bars of the window on the wall.
  2. 2:43 - I assume the caption scanner was dirty, as there's grit and hair on the screen when the titles come up.
  3. 3:46 (4:40) - Maples has the silhouette version of the painting seen in From Venus with Love on his office wall.
  4. 5:43 - It looks like there's a hair top centre in the establishing shot of hotel, unless the hotel had a very large antenna on the roof(EDIT: In fact it is a large antenna, thans to the blu ray picture detail.
  5. 13:53 - they even have striped shirts for the staff to wear
  6. 13:57 - Mother sits in his control room on one end of an outsized scale, in an outright parody of the swivelling control operator's boom in The Prisoner, the huge photographs around the room are reminiscent of scenes at Number 2's house as well.
  7. 19:26 - Product placement for "The Times" ?
  8. 19:39-19:52 - there are a couple of hairs along the bottom edge of the screen as we pan across from the lift, they disappear after the close-up of the door on the change of shot, so they were probably on the camera lens.
  9. 21:46 - The top two cards of the card house are more widely spaced on the change of shot than Tara had made them. At 22:00 they're back to the original position on the change back to the other shot. The reverse shot was obviously filmed later.
  10. 28:15 - Basil's car is laden with all manner of sporting equipment, reminsiscent of Steed's cab in The Girl From Auntie.
  11. Music from Escape In Time in this scene.
  12. 34:38 - Another reference to "The Prisoner"? Rover as a beach ball?
  13. 35:18 - Is that the same wallpaper as in Bristow's study in The Avengers : Series 6 : Game?
  14. 41:00 - The contract between Kendrick and Parker reveals their first names and addresses (more or less). It reads:

    This Agreement is made this thrity-first day of August one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight between Stephen Kendrick of 3 Augustus Place in the county of London and Michael Parker of the Elizabethan Hotel, Berkshire. The terms of the aforesaid contract shall be as follows.

    On the confirmation of the death of Charles Merrydale, I Stephen Kendrick shall pay Michael Parker the sum of Five Thousand Pounds.

  15. 41:47 - Basil says, "Artichoke, Mr Bagthorpe?" Is this a reference to a play?
  16. 42:25 - The footage of the guests leaving has been shuffled around in post-production to suggest there were more people in the scenes. You can see most of them repeatedly and it's most obvious with the old lady in the tuban - she's inside at one point, but a moment earlier she had been outside, threading her way between the cars.
  17. 48:30 - Is that a water stain on Steed's ceiling above the fireplace?
  18. Running time: 50'15"
  19. This rollicking pastiche of Patrick Macgoohan's masterwork The Prisoner is even directed by regular The Prisoner and Dangerman director, Don Chaffey.

The Transport

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow IgreyMWF 435F
Lotus EuroparedPPW 999F
Austin Wandsworth/LDO ambulancewhite?
Renault 12taupe?
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
Austin Sevenred and blackJH 355
Jaguar S Typebrown501 FGF
Jaguar S TypenavySLC 227F
Mercedes BenzblueALL 821B
Rover P6bluePLF 906E
Rover P5cream2526 ME
Jaguar E Type roadsterwhiteJLN 4D

Who's Killing Whom?

James Brevitt Vickers ? ?
Maple Kendrick hit and run
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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