• title card: white all caps text reading ‘CASTLE De’Ath’ outlined in black and superimposed on the head of an iron maiden
  • Mrs. Peel blows into a tiny set of bagpipes, behind her an ornate tapestry hangs on the wall
  • After dinner, Angus leads Mrs. Peel and Steed down an armour and weaponry decorated corridor to see where Black Jamie was walled in. Angus on the left and Steed on the right are in formal Scottish attire with furred sporrans and tight black jackets; Mrs. Peel wears a blue lamé suit without a blouse
  • Steed sits on the stone floor, his back against the wall he is manacled to; a gillie points a rifle at him
  • Vision on the controller’s monitor of two-man minisubs leaving the pen
  • Mrs. Peel strokes a cannon suggestively as she waits to ambush the villains
  • Steed, sword and targe in hand, turns to face Angus as Roberton appears in the door behind him and takes aim with his revolver
  • Steed and Emma drive into the loch in their Amphicar

Series 4 — Episode 5
Castle De’Ath

by John Lucarotti
Directed by James Hill

Production No E.64.10.15
Production completed: August 20 1965. First transmission: October 26 1965.

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