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  • title card: white text reading 'Mission To Montreal' superimposed on the actor putting his hand over Carla's mouth
  • Judy and Dr King are excited about taking a Trans-Atlantic cruise
  • Dr King is cautious of Sheila's information
  • Carla tells Nicholson she won't hand over the film
  • Steed and Brand fight on the upper deck
  • The Canadian Police take Carla into custody

Series 2 - Episode 5
Mission to Montreal

Teleplay by Lester Powell
Directed by Don Leaver


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Dr Martin King Jon Rollason regularDangermanDoctor Who
Carla Berotti Patricia English regularThe ChampionsJason KingDepartment S
Sheila Dowson Iris Russell regularThe Sweeney
Alec Nicholson Mark Eden regularThe ProfessionalsDoctor WhoThe PrisonerThe Saint
Judy Gillian Muir regular
Film Director Harold Berens Carry On..DangermanPink PantherThe Prisoner
A.G. Brand Alan Curtis Carry On..Doctor WhoThe SaintJason King
Guido Aloysius Marson John Bennett regularBlake's 7Doctor WhoDangermanThe ProfessionalsThe Saint
Budge Jackson Gerald Sim regularNew AvengersThe ProfessionalsAdam Adamant
Pearson Eric McCaine regularCallan
Barman Allan Casley Carry On..
Autograph-hunting Passenger John Frawley regularAdam AdamantThe PrisonerThe Saint
Reporter Malcolm Taylor regularDoctor Who
Reporter Terence Woodfield regularDoctor Who
Reporter Leslie Pitt
Peggy Pamela Ann Davy regularDoctor WhoThe SaintDepartment S
Photographer William Buck The Saint
Receptionist Angela Thorne
Steward Peter MacKriel
Steward William Swan
Royal Canadian Mounted Police man & actor Richard Pescud regular
Passenger & Cameraman (Boyd) Paul Blomley regular
Assistant Director (Joe) & Passenger Howard Kingsley regular
Camera crew & Passenger David Low ( unconfirmed)
Camera crew & Passenger Robin Kildare ( unconfirmed)
Photographer & Passenger Melvyn Mordant regular
Reporter & Passenger Margot Lane regular
Reporter Barabara Straight
Steward & Royal Canadian Mounted Police man Bill Richards ( unconfirmed)
Steward & Royal Canadian Mounted Police man Perry Leigh ( unconfirmed)
Passenger Dorothy Watson regular( unconfirmed)
Passenger & 2nd electrician Alan Crouch ( unconfirmed)
Passenger Joan Smith regular( unconfirmed)
Passenger unknown

The original camera script lists the extras as: "Margot Lane, Barabara Straight, Dorothy Watson, Joan Smith and Messrs. (Richard) Pescud, (Bill) Richards, (Perry) Leigh, (Howard) Kingsley, (Paul) Blomley, (Robin) Kildare, (David) Low, (Alan) Crouch, (Melvyn) Mordant". Annotations in parentheses are my own comments, first names and roles are supplied by the wardrobe and makeup requirements sheet.

Perry Leigh may be a misprint for Terry Leigh.

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