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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'THREE HANDED GAME BY DENNIS SPOONER & BRIAN CLEMENS' superimposed on Ranson being hit in the jaw by Ivan's outstretched fist
  • Larry crahses through the window on his motorbike
  • Steed looks at a black and white photo handed to him by the General, who sits at the table, wearing his uniform and a black eyepatch over his right eye
  • Rear-facing shot on the outside of a March 75B Formula 2 racing car painted in red and white - Steed's 'Big Cat' Jaguar is catching up to it swiftly and is about to pass it
  • Gambit stands in the middle of the room, holding a red towel about his otherwise naked body, embarassed by Purdey's arrival; she looks at th towel with interest, a smirk on her lips as Helen continues to sculpt Gambit in the background
  • Purdey stops Ranson on the stage of the theatre and strikes a balletic pose before they fight

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