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  • The Avengers Declassified The Avengers Declassified focuses on the cultural phenomenon of The Avengers in all its dramatic forms - television, radio, film and theatre. Dig out your raincoat and take a trip back in time to the grimy and grubby beginnings of the series or pour a perfectly chilled glass of champagne and stop off in the mid-Sixties for a lesson in style and panache. As was always the case with The Avengers, there's something for everyone and visitors to this site will find many varied flavours and styles to enjoy along the way. It's a scrapbook. It's a commentary. It's a reference work. More than anything, it's a bit of fun.
    Go to
  • David K. Smith has created a fabulous Avengers site, The Avengers Forever!, which has an episode guide that puts mine to shame, along with production details, cast cross overs and repeat appearances. It's now part of the family - in fact, the founding member of it. The site is mothballed now, as David doesn't have the time or drive to continue maintaining it, and I don't blame him - I often feel the same. Still well worth a read.
  • The Guide to Avengerland is Anthony McKay's impressive online version of the old Guide to Avengerland magazine, and goes from strength to strength as he adds more data. A great map, careful cross-referencing and oodles of photographs of the locations as they are now makes this site a must for any Avengerphile planning a visit to the shores of Albion. Now you'll know where to go!
    Go to to look at this burgeoning site.
  • Mike Noon's site The Avengers - Dead Duck has some of the of the best information I've seen for a long time on an Avengers page - much more than I can supply here, but I'm nowhere near any decent sources of material.
    Mike supplied a few pictures for The See-Through Man and The £50,000 Breakfast in my Episode Guide.

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